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ADVERTORIAL: dr. john’s corner Will you sit by while your freedoms evaporate? My article on the measles vaccine stirred quite the response. Now I’d like to expose HPV vaccines for the real threat they are. Looking past all the research done by the pharmaceutical giants, I found the truths we aren’t being told. Over 58,000 adverse reactions including 427 deaths have been reported after HPV vaccine injections in the U.S. alone. And what makes these numbers even more shocking is the F.D.A. estimates less than 1 percent of all vaccine-related adverse reactions are ever reported. Unfortunately many doctors aren’t aware of the agency to report this to. This agency is called the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). A 2016 study out of Canada highlighted the under reporting of vaccine injuries. The study looked at over 195,000 girls who’d received HPV vaccines. Within forty two days of HPV vaccination, the girls experienced over twenty thousand emergency room visits or hospitalizations. However, only 198 adverse events were reported. Since the licensure of HPV vaccines, reports to VAERS include 48 cases of ovarian damage, 256 cases of spontaneous abortion, 172 cases of amenorrhea and 172 cases of irregular menstruation, believed to be caused by HPV vaccination in the U.S. Remember, only about 1% of adverse reactions get reported. Despite all the problems with HPV vaccines, U.S. politicians are increasingly trying to mandate HPV vaccines for school admission. In 2007, Governor Rick Perry of Texas signed an executive order that required HPV vaccination for all eleven to twelve year old schoolgirls. Why? The CDC says it’s important to vaccinate people before they become sexually active, but perhaps Perry’s order had more to do with the fact that his former chief of staff was the leading lobbyist for Merck. Rick Perry’s ties with Merck run deep. Dr. John A. Briggs Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine specializing in complete family health care 20 nE LILLIch - cLATskAnIE, OR 97016 (503)728-4732

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