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Be Someones Encouragement Growth involves change. This is an area where many people struggle. It’s easy to make small changes, but to keep that change, you must exercise diligence. Anyone can begin an exercise program, but it takes diligence to see fruit from your actions. You’ll never accomplish any difficult task unless you desire it. As I begin to create a podcast, it will involve discipline and diligence on my part, requiring more time and energy. I’m already working seven days a week, but I feel it’s important. On beginning a project, it helps to have encouragement. If you’re trying to make life changes, it helps to have a rooting section. The last thing you need are nay sayers who want to discourage you. The reason they’re that way is because they can’t see themselves overcoming obstacles in their own lives. I’ve found it important to surround myself with positive people who keep me going in the right direction. The old saying you can choose your friends, but you’re stuck with your relatives is quite true. Gravitate toward being around those who support you and your vision. Don’t allow the negative of others to get on you. Patients suffering under obesity can find trying to make lifestyle changes extremely difficult. Every time they look in a mirror, they’re reminded of previous weight loss failures, and why they can’t succeed. These are some of the very folks we need to encourage and become their rooting section. For the rest of the story, visit

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