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Tired of drills & shots for dental fillings? Come experienCe laser dentistry at lower Columbia oral HealtH With laser dentistry most dental fillings can be accomplished without injections or the use of a dental drill for adults and children. Here’s what our patients have to say: “Dr. Haghighi treated several cavities on my 7 year old son’s baby teeth with his new laser technique that requires no shots-it was completely pain free and my son was so happy! It really changes how they view the dentist-he had no worry at all because he knew there was no shots and he was perfectly calm and happy during the entire short procedure!” “Going to the dentist is a lot less stressful. He gave me the option to use laser dentistry instead of drilling to fix a cavity. At first I was hesitant and nervous about the idea of new technology. Man was I wrong! There were no shots and no drilling to fix my deep cavity. No pain at all and no pain medication needed or used during the procedure. The laser did it all and without any discomfort whatsoever! If you are uneasy around shots and drilling, I would definitely recommend using the laser.” For sensitive patients requiring an even more gentle touch we offer all levels of sedation dentistry. Sedation Dentistry Available 1538 11th Ave. Longview WA • 360-636-3400

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