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53 GREAT YEARS n 12 MONTHS SaME aS CaSH! oac. W E H t nO SaME lOCal faMily OwNERSHip aCROSS THE BRidgE iN RaiNiER, OREgON MEET OUR STaff Bob Jeff InStALLER 39 years - Longview InStALLER 27 years - Castle Rock Scott OWnER & SALES Deressa SALES 37 years - Kelso 20 years - Longview Harry InStALLER Marty InStALLER 32 years - Castle Rock 30 years - Rainier Elyse Dan SALES DESIgnER & SALES 6 years - Longview 12 years - Longview trevor APPREntICE/WAREHOUSE 3 years - Rainier Krystal InStALLAtIOn SCHEDULE MAnAgER 11 years - Rainier Rocky InStALLER 1 year - Rainier tina OffICE StAff Cody WAREHOUSE Brady WAREHOUSE 12 years - Kelso "Casco Oak" Vinyl Plank Flooring Regular $4.99 sq.ft. Reg. $4.99 Sale new - Rainier 6 mo - Rainier Now oNly 2 $ 99 ng our Nondw celebreartiving the 1 Pallet In Stock 52 year s iver region! LIfetIme Warranty Columbia R 782 ft. Acacia engineered Wood Floor Corey WAREHOUSE 1 year - Rainier Durable and beautiful! Kid-proof Waterproof Pet-proof Joseph SALES 9 years - Rainier Sq.ft. 1 $ 99 Mannington Adura Tru Loc Luxury Vinyl Plank Saddle 1900 Reg. $4.99 Now $189 Oak 1500 Reg. $4.99 Now $189 Luxury Vinyl Planks Country Oak 2000 Reg. $2.99 Sale $.99 Oak Classic 1000 Reg. $2.99 Sale $.99 Mill Closeout 1st Quality Carpet • 25 yr Wear • 25 yr Defects • 25 yr Soil Resistance • 25 yr Texture Retention • Lifetime Pet Warranty SALe $149 Reg. $2.99 15 Rolls, 3,000 Yards! Shop At HOME Call for Appointment We will bring Samples to your home for fREE! 15 Rolls Mohawk 20’-40’ • 40 oz to 60 oz Save 50%-80% 1 $ 49 REMNANT SALE 100’S of ViNyL REMS iN STock 100’S of cARpET REMS iN STock! WEEkDAYS 9AM TIL 5:30PM • SATURDAY 9AM - 4PM CARPET • HARDWOOD • LAMINATE TILE • NATURAL STONE • VINYL WINDOW FASHIONS CheCk out our new website! • (503) 556-0171 or 425-8404 105 B STREET, WEST RAINIER, OR WACOLUMRF291QN OR 1145

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