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Couples Once Too Old and Tired Enjoying Strong
Sexual Feelings with Natural Intimacy Pill
Powerful new sex aid goes where none has gone before – straight to the brain

Here’s a ‘behind closed
doors’ trivia question: Do
you know the #1 complaint
that prevents couples from
enjoying a healthy, and
fulfilling sex life?
If you guessed erectile
dysfunction, you guessed
It is estimated that 30
million men, plus their
spouses and/or partners are
affected by this deflating

Bliss-free Bedroom

Can you guess the next most
common complaint that
puts the brakes to bliss in the
If you guessed loss of
sexual desire, in both men
and women, you are correct.
These are not easy problems
to fix.
For men, doctors may recommend oral drugs or painful, surgical implants.
For women, hormonal

Noxitril. “I have tried most
of these new, natural male
enhancements; none of
them do what Noxitril does
for me.”
“Not only does it work
fast, but I can also last for a
while. I have recommended
to all my friends who have
the same problem.”*

and intensifies the flames of
sexual desire in both men
and women.
It’s called Noxitril. It’s not
a drug, vitamin or mineral.
It is four, exceptionally
powerful nutritional supplements squeezed into a single

Have Fun Again

Noxitril safely restores
performance by reinforcing
the four pillars of sexual
natural reserves of nitric
oxide, or erection fuel;
sparking sexual urges and
libidinous desires; and
energizing sexual energy
and vitality.
Ask users if Noxitril
works as well as prescription
ED drugs, and many may
say, “No, it works better!”
Noxitril formulators have
fast-tracked results with the
addition of an energizing
ginseng blend and a proprietary mix of 13 peak-performance, firestarters including
muira puma, catauba, and

The Miracle of
Rapid Tumescence
Noxitril gives men what
they, and their lovers want
most – rapid tumescence, or
fast-developing erections.
Couples of all ages are turning
While there are many
back the clock with an advanced
drugs that
oral formula that ignites passion
boost testosterone in the
and performance in both men
body, Noxitril contains one
and women
of the only natural sources
that can consistently elevate
The First Pill for Men
this important hormone
… and Women
Thanks to a stunning required for satisfying
breakthrough in nutritional intimacy.
science, now there’s a
Sexual Urges Return
prescription-free discovery
that not only gives men the
Noxitril scientists have
vigorous, healthy, natural harnessed unique extracts
been from the tongkat ali tree in
seeking, but it also re-kindles Malaysian rainforests.

Clinically tested, botanical firestarters electrify body and mind,
restoring blood flow, creating sexual desire.

Biochemicals in this libido- booster and decreases anxiety,
boosting botanical have too!”
been shown in research to But for men over the age of
increase testosterone levels. 50, increasing testosterone
is, by itself, not enough to
Natural Testosterone Rise fully restore waning sexual
Noxitril locks-in instant- powers.
Noxitril not only helps
elevate and increase natural
behind closed doors, it can
testosterone production.
Regardless of age or physi- also give men the potential
cal health, this natural boost to blow the door off its
in testosterone encourages a hinges!
The secret? Copious
powerful sex drive, enhanced
sexual function, more sexual amounts of… ‘erection fuel.’
energy, and a more pleasurable sexual experience for
Noxitril Begins with ‘NO’
both sexes.
For a man to enjoy a
healthy, robust erection, he
Confident Performance
needs ample amounts of a
For Noxitril user, David substance called nitric oxide,
P., this prescription-free or ‘NO.’
When NO levels are
formula has been lifechanging.*
too low, often age-related,
“It helped get my confidence it
back to where it used to be,” impossible for a man to
smiles David.
achieve an erection.
“Noxitril made me feel
Noxitril contains a fastready when the opportunity absorbing amino acid called
arises and helped me keep L-arginine, which is readily
my love life exciting.” converted to nitric oxide.
The more L-arginine a
man consumes, the more
Locked… and Loaded
“I’d recommend this for nitric oxide he possesses…
guys who may have had any the more nitric oxide a
kind of trouble in the past man has, the larger and
and want to ensure they’ll harder
be ready every time,” adds
Eye-Popping Difference
“It’s a definite confidence
Doug. F. is sold on

Works for Women, Too
Noxitril is equally effective
for men and women. Like
Viagra, arginine in Noxitril
helps increase blood flow to
the genital area, potentially
increasing sensation to the
sex organs and enhancing the
pleasures of lovemaking…
for both sexes.
Feel the Urge

Noxitril sparks sexual
desire with a prized extract
called Maca.
In one study a whopping
60 percent of healthy
enhanced sexual satisfaction
from using this amazing
herb. The placebo group’s
score was just as surprising
— zero percent!
In another study, test
subjects were asked to
consume maca, just like that
found in Noxitril, exactly
one hour before sexual
A full two-thirds of male
patients unexpectedly ex-

perienced increased penile
axial rigidity, or harder erections.
John M., age 67, says that
Noxitril has made his life
so easy. “No more doctor’s
visits, no more prescriptions,
and no more side effects,”
laughs John.*

Redwood Syndrome?
Are you ready to reconnect with long-lost
sexual powers?
Are you prepared to
experience the ‘rapid growth’
phenomenon known as the
redwood syndrome?
Try Noxitril, risk-free. You
won’t believe your eyes!
Now, you can experience
the ‘glory days’ of the past,
every night of the week!
Get a Free Supply
of Noxitril
Call the toll-free number
below to see how you can
reserve your free supply of
Noxitril. Try it risk-free.
Guaranteed to Give You
the Results You Want!
Noxitril is guaranteed to
safely and effectively restore
youthful sexual vitality and
Call the toll-free number
below. You have nothing to
With a 90-day, industryleading
experience the long-term
results risk-free, too!

Call Toll-Free

New, four-in-one, nutritional
supplement creates ‘redwood
effect’ in aging males.

*These statements have not been
evaluated by the FDA. This product is
not intended to diagnose, treat, cure
or prevent any disease. Everyone is
different and you may not experience
the same results. Results can depend
on a variety of factors including overall
health, diet, and other lifestyle factors.


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