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New Fast Acting Joint
Pill Also Re-Grows
Research shows active ingredient turns off the body’s
pain-causing inflammation switch and remarkably
turns on the healing of worn out joints
By C.L. Ross
Universal News Syndicate
(UNS) – A new fast acting
pill is helping middle-aged
and older adults across
America relieve crippling
joint pain. And to the surprise of top doctors, reverse
the effects of worn out
So now, these users enjoy
a more active and fulfilling
life again. In fact, many
report they feel better than
they did ten, fifteen—even
twenty years ago.
“Two years of in depth
research went into formulating Inflamatrol®. It’s the
reason why our new joint
pill delivers deep, lasting
pain relief like nothing
you’ve tried before,” said
Francis Ostian, Co-founder
of Midwest Medical Laboratories – the pioneering
makers of this pain relief
“Users can’t seem to get
enough of our pill. That’s
because it works quickly
and safely to reduce joint
pain. So we’ve been getting
lots of word-of-mouth advertising,” he said.
But a closer look at Inflamatrol suggests that the
soaring demand for this
product shouldn’t surprise
the company. Here’s why.
One in three Americans
suffer from chronic joint
But the point is this: Joint
pain sufferers want fast acting and long lasting relief.
They also want relief
without worrying about
dangerous side effects. Like
the side effects often experienced with conventional
pain remedies, needles and
surgery. So, what’s the secret to realistic relief without playing Russian roulette
with your health?
Researchers agree that
fast and lasting pain relief
for knees, hips, fingers,
neck, back, shoulders, ankles, wrists or elbows is
within reach. But it’s only
possible if people tackle the
real cause of their joint discomfort.
For most adults suffering from joint pain, the
real cause is inflammation
the body’s natural immune
response, is vital for survival. But, too much inflammation triggers joint pain,
stiffness, swelling and a loss
of joint mobility. And this
often leads to joint erosion
and thinning cartilage.

Why So Much
Inflamatrol’s active ingredient is one of nature’s best
kept secrets for reversing inflammation overload.
You see, it contains a rare
combination of curcuminoids, essential oils and
proteins. Hard scientific evidence suggests this combination gives it superior anti-inflammatory and healing
In fact, Dr. Nathan Hageman, a California medical
researcher, said, “It’s one of
the most widely researched
medicinal substances—natural or pharmaceutical—in
the world. With almost
11,000 peer-reviewed studies, it’s one of the superstars
of natural medicine.”
Better yet, it’s now available to the public without a
prescription. After all, it’s
safe and natural so users
can take it every day.

Study Results
Top scientists at Ludwig-Maximilians-University’s Institute of Anatomy
(14 of this university’s
scientists won Nobel Prizes) carried out a landmark
study on inflammation.
This study showed Inflamatrol’s active ingredient
reduces inflammation over-

Popular pill: Top doctors are now recommending new
Inflamatrol® to joint pain sufferers; landmark study out
of Europe shows active ingredient reduces inflammation;
nourishes cartilage so it can re-grow.
load. So with daily use, it
• Restore youthful
• Nourish and soothe stiff,
aching joints…
• Provide dramatic relief
from pain and swelling…
• Revitalize joints so they
move with greater ease…
• Speed up recovery of
sore joints and muscles…
• Grow stronger tendons…
And that’s not all. The
study also showed this
amazing ingredient can regrow healthy cartilage in
joints. That’s important because new cartilage restores
joint comfort, flexibility and
ease of movement.
And yet, most major
news outlets ignored this
groundbreaking research.
They ignored this research
even though it hailed from
one of Europe’s premier
academic and research institutions. But this lack of
recognition did not surprise
Mr. Ostian.
“It’s no secret Big Pharma
drug makers are some of the
news media’s biggest advertisers. Take television, for
example. 187 commercials
for 70 prescription drugs
collectively aired almost
half a million times in 2018.
And to do that, drug companies shelled out $2.8 billion
dollars,” said Ostian. “Point
being, it’s easy to see why
national news outlets did
not report this study’s stunning results. Because at the
end of the day, they want
to continue lining their
pockets with Big Pharma’s
cash,” he continued.
“More people are seeking holistic help for joint
pain every day. It’s one of
the reasons sales exploded
overnight for Inflamatrol,”
he said.

The Pain-Fighting
Science Behind
Inflamatrol is taken only
once a day. The tiny pill is
easy to swallow. Safe as it
is effective. And non-addictive.
You see, the product’s
active ingredient comes
from a natural edible plant
This pain-fighting plant
is called Curcuma longa.
It’s grown throughout India, other parts of Asia, and
Central America.
More importantly, scientists identified exactly how
this plant’s key ingredient
works to reverse inflammation overload.
It works by turning off the
body’s inflammatory command center. Better known
as Nuclear Factor-kappa B
(NF-kB). NF-kB acts as a
“switch” that turns on more
than 400 pro-inflammatory
Yet this key ingredient reduces inflammation
by turning off the body’s
pain-causing NF-kB switch.
But that’s only half the story.

The Breakthrough
That Makes Active
Ingredient Work
Even Better
A team of esteemed scientists developed a break-

protected by U.S Patents
#5,536,506 and #5,972,382.
This process results in
the highest grade, most
bioavailable levels of Inflamatrol’s active ingredient
known to exist.
In fact, this clinically-proven process increases
bioavailability by 2,000%.
That means 20 times more
of the active ingredient
reaches the bloodstream,
where it can soothe aching
joints and tissues.
“When I read the studies
and enhanced absorption
patents, I knew right away
we must include this nutrient booster in our formula.
This one-two punch has a
huge impact on joint pain,”
said Ostian.

Approved By
Top Doctors
Long-term sufferers have
beaten pain and gotten their
lives back with Inflamatrol.
And this caught the attention of top medical doctors.
“No other joint formula
has this powerful combination of a bioavailability
booster. Plus the best forms
of proven joint pain nutrients. Which means many
users can finally be free
of their joint pain—even if
it’s been plaguing them for
years,” said Dr. Ari Magill
from Scottsdale.
Dr. Tracy Sherman, a geriatric specialist from Wisconsin says, “I recommend
Inflamatrol at the first sign
of pain. That’s because it
offers one of the best, most
complete ways to get rid
of joint pain, stiffness and
discomfort without side effects.”
Nathan Hageman, M.D.
adds, “The studies behind
the active ingredient and
nutrient booster provide
ample proof. Proof that
this pill is a great option for
those who haven’t had success with other joint pain

How to Get Inflamatrol
in Washington
This is the official nationwide release of Inflamatrol
in Washington. In order to
get the word out about it;
the company is offering our
readers up to 3 FREE bottles
with their purchase.
This special give-away
is available for the next 48
hours only. So a regional order hotline has been set up
for local readers to call. This
gives everyone an equal
chance to get Inflamatrol.
Starting at 7:00 a.m.
today, all you have to
do is call TOLL-FREE
1-800-443-0714. Then give
the operator the Free Bottle
Approval Code: IN100. The
company will do the rest.
Important: Inflamatrol is
not available in any stores
and supplies are limited
in your region. Due to Inflamatrol’s recent media
exposure, phone lines are
often busy.
So if you call and do not
get through right away,
please be patient and call
Those who miss the 48hour deadline may lose out
on this free bottle offer.



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