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Discover 100 1920-2020 Port of Kalama: Celebrating resilience and fortitude now and then Oh, to live in a place where we get to experience so much of nature’s beauty— and surprises! As we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the eruption of mighty Mount St. Helens we celebrate, too, the resilience and fortitude of this community. When Mount St. Helens gave us all a catastrophic outburst 40 years ago, volcanic ash and materials swept violently down the flooding Cowlitz River from the mountain. The sediment flowed upstream in the Columbia River for several miles before depositing heaps of debris on the Kalama shore. The emergency closed the Columbia River to maritime commerce and activity because of the exorbitant amount of sediment accumulating there. Port of Kalama leadership had a flash of brilliance—those tons of volcanic materials being dredged from the river could be used to enhance the North Port site. The improvement of that prime riverfront property is now home to SteelScape, ASC Profiles and AirGas USA—along with more than 200 jobs! Way to make lemonade out of lemons, Port of Kalama! As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. And we’re still going strong. Happy Centennial, Port of Kalama

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