NOTICE OF APPLICATION AND REQUEST FOR COMMENTS ON APPLICATION #SL 17-0986 FOR SHORELINE SUBSTANTIAL DEVELOPMENT PERMIT Pursuant to RCW 90.58.140, WAC 173-27-110, CCC 19.20.020 and CCC 19.11.090, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Weyerhaeuser NR Company has filed application for a shoreline substantial development permit within the Columbia River shoreline to construct a new 8' x 10' block wall substation structure and install two new 67' tall utility monopoles. The new substation will be constructed with a cast-in-place slab-on-grade atop a 6" gravel sub-base. Some excavation will be required for the foundation by means of a small backhoe. The remainder of the substation will be concrete masonry units with grout and rebar, and the roof will consist of decking and flashing. Two 67' tall monopoles (one at the substation location and one approximately 150' west) will be placed in 3.5-foot diameter auger holes using a vehicle-mounted telescopic crane. The auger holes will be performed with a drilling rig and the poles will be set in surrounding cast-in-place concrete. Utility lines will be strung once the pole foundations are set. The location of the substation and both monopoles is approximately 120' landward of the OHWM of the Columbia River, an urban shoreline of statewide significance. The project is located at 1701 Industrial Way, Longview, WA, within; 6-7N-2W, W.M. parcel #6087605. The application was received March 7, 2017 and was determined to be complete May 17, 2017. The public has the right to comment on the application, receive written notice of, and participate in public meetings or hearings on the project, and/or receive a copy of the decision made on the application. Persons wanting to comment, request notice of meetings, or copies of decisions should send written comments or requests to: Cowlitz County Building and Planning, 207 N. 4th Ave, Kelso WA 98626, within thirty (30) days of the publication date of this notice (see below). Cowlitz County Department of Building and Planning, as lead agency under the State Environmental Policy Act, has determined that the project does not have a probable significant adverse impact on the environment and that an environmental impact statement (EIS) is not required under RCW 43.21C.030(2)(c). Subsequently, the Department issued a determination of non-significance on May 17, 2017. This decision was made after review of a completed environmental checklist and other information on file with the lead agency. Copies of all existing environmental documents that were used to evaluate the proposal and all other application materials are on file with the Department of Building and Planning, and are available for public review between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday, excepting holidays. Other local, state and federal governmental approvals may be required for the proposed development possibly including, but not limited to, Cowlitz County building permit. It is the applicant's responsibility to ascertain the requisite permits and obtain them. Obtaining local permits does not relieve the applicant of the necessity of acquiring all requisite state and federal permits for this project. Date of Shoreline Notice: May 23, 2017, Shoreline Comment due: June 22, 2017. Department Contact: Ron Melin, Senior Environmental Planner, (360) 577-3052, ext. 6661.


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