Letters to the Editor

Vote yes on CR levy

In the best of times, education is important. In today’s world, education becomes paramount. The Castle Rock School District is asking its patrons to continue funding the district’s schools at a level that allows the district to proceed with its mission of providing the best education to the students in Castle Rock.

This levy in the amount of $1.50 per thousand dollars for a two-year period replaces the district’s current levy of $2.63 per thousand. The money generated provides for school staff, athletics and activities, as well as materials and supplies.

Approximately 15 percent of the school district’s revenue comes from the levy. With the limited financial support from the state of Washington, and the reduced contributions from the federal government, the levy has become a critical component of the district’s annual budget.

We are urging a YES vote so the Castle Rock School District can continue to meet the goals the federal government, the state of Washington, and the parents and patrons in our community expect of it.

Tom and Marsha Quigley

Castle Rock

Punish wrongdoers

The Centers for Disease Control finalized statistics list the total number of deaths by “accidental discharge of firearms” across all age groups in 2013 at 505.

This number has been falling for decades, primarily due to the (actual) safety courses taught by hunting/shooting proponents, not the misnomered “gun safety” laws sought by hoplophobes whose chief objective is to entomb the Second Amendment so thoroughly in red tape it becomes irrelevant.

Infringements of an adjudicated Second Amendment individual right need to meet the standard of “strict scrutiny”; the government must demonstrate a compelling reason to interfere with the free exercise thereof. Why does “compromise” always mean “give up part of your right and I’ll temporarily stop harassing you” when it refers to the aforementioned exercise? Where’s the “compromise”?

Every inherently evil action that can be accomplished with a firearm has been illegal for centuries. Criminalizing people with no intention of harming others doesn’t change the behavior of those who do, and banning inanimate objects is demonstrably futile. If punishment is the solution, apply it to the wrongdoers, not the innocent.

Doug Spittler


Housing and homeless

Here are some astonishing findings about the homeless.

A recent local survey shows 46 percent have criminal backgrounds. An additional 25 percent have past evictions. Landlords will not rent to these people.

This sheds an entirely different light on our efforts with the homeless. If 70 percent are not eligible for housing, then what?

Dorothy Bain Hanson


Kudos on leash law

Kudos to the Longview City Council for voting to create a leash law in city parks.

It is time for our county commissioners to take the same positive steps. Large and small dogs are allowed to run free in Cowlitz County parks while some owners either park and wait for the dogs to run or drop their dogs off to run while they drive around the park. Children, adults, other dogs and wildlife are intimidated by these dogs. While there is no leash law in our county, the parks do have rules posted.

One reads, “all dogs must be kept on leash.”

Our neighbor quit jogging in the county park near us because she was afraid of being attacked by free running dogs. Also, how can owners clean up after their dogs when they don’t see where they left a mess.

Come on county commissioners and get the ball rolling.

Julie Hajek