Letters to the Editor

Two party system

This country needs at least two strong political parties. The Democrat Party is growing progressively weaker; it lost about 1,200 elective offices in the last few years. The most spectacular example of weakness is the Clinton campaign, which had abundant funding and support from the media but was defeated by a neophyte with enormous negatives. This was not the result of some Republican chicanery or gerrymandering. (Hello, you have to already be the majority party to gerrymander.) And it is not about the working class defectors being “poorly educated and not sufficiently cosmopolitan” to understand where their best interests lie. The simple fact is that a lot of workers have figured out that the Democratic Party has abandoned the working class and they are not taking it lying down. The abandonment is obvious when you consider the Democratic Party’s support for unlimited immigration. The State of Washington is using tax payer’s money to sue the Federal government to overturn Trump’s proposed limitations on immigration. Unless you can explain how it benefits an unemployed concrete finisher or an underemployed sheet rocker to have ever more immigrants here to compete for their jobs, I have made my case. At present, the only thing the DNC is offering working people is encouragement to hate the president. But with his policies already stimulating the economy and discouraging illegal immigration that is not enough. In the words of Nikki Barnes “Those of us on the DNC know we have to rebrand ourselves to earn the people’s trust.” I would like to see that happen.

William Dennis


In with the new

It is time to start voting for candidates that actually care about all of us and understand what is really going on here. Our city council meetings are what nightmares are made of. No respect for the citizens, threatening people, no choices for people struggling to raise their families. Raising our car license fees as much as they can without a vote from the citizens, after the citizens voted to keep our car license fees low so everyone can afford it. Anyone that thinks our homeless are gone, now that the shelter was closed, has no clue and should not be voted in. I drive to work in the very early morning. It is so sad to see the homeless sleeping near traffic on the cement islands by the roads. Time to vote in people to find answers to our real problems here. Not hide our heads in the sand. We have a chance to put people in our city council that will not think they are royalty. They will listen to our needs. Out with the old and in with the new ... and not for the one that thinks we do not have a homeless problem.

Larry Davis


A kind act

I would like to again thank the kind gentleman who paid for my groceries in Fred Meyer on Aug. 5. Bless you — it really made my day.

Dona Swann


Creative kid

Regarding Sunday’s “Kids Weather”: I had a good laugh! What a pleasure to see a child think outside of the box. A very good artist also. Dad, Mom, bring on the ice cream for Tala!

Paul M. Shannon



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