Letters to the Editor

True meaning

When a child learns a new word, they are typically ignorant of its true meaning and eager to insert it into every sentence regardless of whether or not it’s appropriate. The same is true of poorly educated adults, and so apparently it is true of the editorial staff of the Daily News, as evidenced by Thursday’s column. In this column the word “disingenuous” is used a grand total of nine times, and is used only in a vaguely correct sense at best. “Disingenuous” is defined as meaning “not candid or sincere, typically by pretending that one knows less about something than one really does.” It would seem that the disingenuous party in this situation is Millennium and NWIW, though not The Daily News, since they seem genuinely unknowledgeable about this and many other matters.

There is nothing disingenuous in changing your mind in the light of new scientific evidence or environmental data. The Department of Ecology’s decision shows wisdom and competency in one of our most valuable government agencies.

Andy Zahn


To tell the truth

There are many, many reasons to say no to bringing coal to our state and our river. The powers that be here are wearing blinders. Most of our new candidates running for city council have ideas to bring other jobs here. I could list the many reasons, but here is a fine example. In the Jan. 12, 2016 Daily News, was an Area News article titled “Arch Coal files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy — Company hurt by weakening demand for coal.” Then in the Wednesday, Aug. 16, 2017 newspaper, “Judge blocks expansion of coal mine,” in Billings, Montana for downplaying the climate change impacts of the project and inflating its economic benefits They must consider the environmental effects of shipping the fuel to Asia and from the greenhouse gases and other pollutants emitted when the fuel is burned. Courts in Montana and Colorado have issued similar rulings about greenhouse emissions from coal mine expansions. The coal industry cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

Larry Davis


Support for pool

Our family has long supported the proposition of a public swimming pool for the Woodland community. We believe that it would benefit almost every member of not only our town but the outlying areas as well.

The idea that our children will have access to swimming lessons and seniors to water exercise without having to travel into Vancouver or Longview would be life changing for some.

We are especially excited that the agreement has been made with the YMCA. The YMCA has offered to take on 51 percent ownership and 100 percent responsibility of the proposed facility, including all of its maintenance burdens and the operations, if the commissioners within the Woodland Swimming Pool and Recreation District and local community will support a bond in order to make this dream a reality sooner rather than later.

We all just need to do our part in making this a reality for Woodland, Vote Yes on Nov. 7!

Robin Chilton and family


Wise leadership

C.J. Nickerson clearly deserves to be re-elected to the Longview School District Board of Directors. His strong background (including both a master’s and doctorate’s degree in education, as well as teaching experience at elementary, secondary and university levels) have well prepared him for his role on the school board. During his first term, Dr. Nickerson has provided wisdom and leadership in helping the district to create a long-term plan for addressing its facilities needs. He co-chaired the successful levy campaign in 2013. He has helped the board to reorganize its committee structure and clearly define these groups’ responsibilities. As a fairly frequent attender of board meetings during the past year, I have appreciated his congenial manner, sense of humor and receptiveness to public input. He is willing to ask clarifying questions and, when warranted, to constructively seek revisions in district policies. Most importantly, he has demonstrated that he is a man of integrity. Please join me in voting to give C.J. another term on the Longview school board.

Steve Powell


All citizens

It is encouraging to see that there is more than one candidate running for the city council and school board positions. Although those positions are classified nonpartisan that is a bit of a misnomer since all the candidates have, either by public comments or their list of donors, conveyed their political party preference. Some of the candidates have already expressed issues that are important to them; one seems overly concerned for the homeless, another seems worried about the rights of those of a certain sexual proclivity, still another demands that any building done by the school board must hire only union workers. I am of the opinion that the city council has made some fiscal errors in the past, spending on projects that were not important and not always keeping their collective word. There are approximately 37,000-plus citizens in the city of Longview of all ages — from newborns to us seasoned citizens, of a variety of ethnic groups, and of different monetary and social levels living in the flats and the hills above. So here is a reminder to those of you who are aspiring to positions where you will have to make monumental decisions about the future of the city of Longview and it’s school system: Remember, if you are elected you will be affecting the lives of ALL the citizens not just a special group.

Daniel Stanley


Take a knee

Saying the NFL players are protesting the American flag is like saying Rosa Parks was protesting bus transportation. Take a knee against the hate and racism in our country.

Sherry Davis


A great addition

I am supporting Phil Jurmu for the Longview School Board.

Phil has already demonstrated his ability to support our students and the school board with his work on the facilities planning committee and on the upcoming bond.

I have known Phil for some time and find him dedicated, compassionate and honest.

He will be a great addition to the school board. He supports higher teacher pay and will closely study an issue that comes before the board before making a decision. And, he will work well with the other board members.

Please join me in supporting Phil Jurmu for the Longview School Board.

Kay Green


Come on down

The Price wasn’t right.

Don Fuesler