Letters to the Editor


Last November, many folks in Toledo voted to make America great again. It was a catchy slogan that implied that someone was going to make everything better. You know, the way it used to be. It would be nice if all you had to do was cast a vote and everything would be great again. But as adults,we all know that it is not the way the world works. To make anything great takes time, energy, and money.

This November, folks in the Toledo School District are being asked to make Toledo schools great again. You know, the way they used to be. This time it’s not a catchy slogan to get someone elected.

This time it is for real. This time it’s for us and our kids. This time the someone who is going to fix things, is us. It will take our time and our energy and our money to make our schools great again.

Sure it costs money. Anything worthwhile costs money. Toledo schools give us a sense of pride and community and are a huge part of our collective vision for Toledo. But everybody knows that.

So we ask you to do the right thing and join us by voting “Yes” for the Toledo School Bond.

Di and Mike Morgan


Diesel power

I live on Third Avenue in Longview. During the recent closure of Longview’s access to the I-5 freeway, cars and trucks headed there had to drive by my house headed to the freeway by way of Kelso. Many trucks have their exhaust pipes elevated, and one could actually see the diesel fumes escaping.

I doubt if anyone had measured this diesel pollution like they claim to have done with train locomotives coming through our area.

Enough said.

Dorothy Bain Hanson


Just in case

Today, before I left the house, I checked a few things: In the trunk of my car, I checked my first aid kit. I’m not planning to have an accident, or injure myself, but I feel safer having a first aid kit handy, just in case I do.

Under the seat of my car, I carry a fire extinguisher. I checked that. I’m not planning to have a fire today!

But just in case I do, or I come across some unfortunate soul who does, I feel safer having a fire extinguisher handy, just in case I do.

I also checked my firearm. Locked and loaded, safely holstered, concealed from view. I also checked my concealed carry permits. All is in order there too. I’m not expecting to have to defend myself today! Or someone I love. But I feel safer having a gun handy, just in case I do.

Maybe it’s the Boy Scout in me! Be prepared!

I hope all my friends and neighbors can trust me, accept this, and move on.

Gregory Fuller

Castle Rock


Do you think if we had lost World War II they would kneel for Deutschland Uber Alles or Die Fahna Hoch? Only once!

Don Fuesler


Far and wide

I support the Woodland pool because it will be an asset to our community and provide people of all ages and demographics a much needed option for healthy activities which is not currently available to the general public in our area. The location will also draw people, far and near, into the westside Woodland area and give a boost to the challenged retail commerce in the downtown Woodland area, in addition to using local people and businesses to staff and supply the facility. Please consider supporting this community-enriching project!

Mike Golik


Say anything

The fertilizer plant should have no problem getting permitted. All they have to do is say they are supplying the state regulated pot farmers.

Chris Fry



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