Letters to the Editor

Toledo pride!

As a proud parent, successful arumni,and dedicated school board member, I ask you to join me in supporting the proposed Toledo School District Bond.

The district asked community members to study and evaluate the necessary needs within the district. Many thanks to the Facilities Advisory Committee for their time and effort in bringing the proposed $12.9 million bond to the district.

Most of the funds will be spent on updating the Toledo High School. The main concerns at the High School are the leaking roof and windows,inadequate temperature controls,insufficient electrical supply outlets and lack of fixed walls. The children and staff deserve to have their school and place of employment functioning safely.

Toledo Schools have and continue to be the heartbeat of our community. The bond is about improving our community and providing a safe environment for children to learn and grow. Please join me in supporting the bond and providing a safe structure for our students, staff, and community members should an emergency ever strike our community.

I encourage voters in the Toledo School District to vote yes in November.

Monique Norberg


Pay it forward

Our small town of Toledo needs a yes vote on the current bond issue. Fiscal responsibility is a must, and we’ve been very impressed with Mr. Rust and his transparency and willingness to communicate with anyone who has questions or wants to see the wear and tear on Toledo High School. We’ve also watched parents, grandparents and people who just want to see this project to completion give of their own time and resources again and again. My own children were raised in this community and received an excellent education. It’s time to pay it forward to the next generation of Toledo Proud students. We’ve all “made do” in our own homes and businesses when necessary or we believe there will be a better time to replace or repair things. That is exactly what Toledo School District has done for years. These issues have been neglected for a long time, and our kids deserve better. We, as taxpayers, have an opportunity to watch our money work. This isn’t some black hole where money will just disappear. Vote yes, watch for the changes and feel good about the support you are showing your community and our children.

Ken and Mary Shipp


Rest in peace

Seeing the Masthead’s sale in print made me think of all the fond memories I have of that place. I was one of many 20 somethings who hung out there when it opened way back in 1971. It was the place to be at the time. I still remember the hatch cover table tops, the hanging baskets for seating at the bar, the pool tables and cigarette machine by the restroom. I remember 35 cent beers and keeping my friend Herb company at the door when he checked IDs. There were a couple after hour parties unbeknownst to the owners, too. Sorry, guys. Parking on OB highway wasn’t an issue since at that time it was just a wide two-lane road with few if any stop lights. Rest in peace, dear Masthead.

Cheryl Sapp Karr


Yes for Chet

I support Chet Makinster for Longview City Council, and hope you will too. Chet has been a leader for responsible stewardship of the city budget, and has worked hard to preserve and enhance our neighborhoods. Chet is a lifetime local who understands our community’s values and our community’s needs. Chet has been endorsed by the Lower Columbia Association of Realtors.

Chet’s three priorities are infrastructure, public safety, and economic development, which in turn reinforces and supports creating a better, more vibrant community. As a former business owner and employer, Chet’s focus is to also help create family wage jobs.

Chet does his homework, knows the issues and is a reasonable voice when faced with difficult decisions. Please join me, and local Realtors, and support “Yes for Chet” Longview City Council, Pos. No. 6.

Val Tinney

Castle Rock