Letters to the Editor

Three cheers

U.S. Senator John McCain’s idea of working across the aisle for health care for all deserves three cheers. (Week in review: Everything you missed from health care to hurricanes’ specifically The health care debate and the ‘Kimmel debate’ at TDN.com on Sept. 23)

If we each speak up to our representatives and senators asking for them to work together to create affordable health care for all, it is likely to happen. It is time to pick up the phone and give them a call (800-826-3688), then follow up with an email.

Constituents have the power when we use our voices. Remember, they work for us.

Willie Dickerson

Snohomish, Wash.

Lots of lies

Jerry Elliot of Castle Rock stated in his letter (The Daily News, Sept. 23) that basically President Donald Trump lies a lot.


So what. He is a politician and that is what they do defacto. I have come to expect that, and maybe he should, too.

In any event, Congressional members never do this? They lie worse than any president on both sides of the political aisle. Some even state half-truths to advance a political agenda. If lying from politicos bothers you, maybe you should avoid political discourse altogether. It is endemic to the culture.

Samuel Coleman


Good enough

is great

I am not surprised the Longview City Council extended a moratorium on emergency support shelters. This council is suffering from a bad case of “the three P’s”: Perfectionism leads to Procrastination leads to Paralysis.

It is ironic that this paralysis is commonly seen in addicts (or those influenced by addicts) and addiction is oftentimes at the core of homelessness.

Now, we know there’s no silver-bullet solution to homelessness, but very reliable data supports the task force recommendations and it’s being disregarded in favor of emotional, factually unsupported voices shouting “No!! We demand perfect!”

Those recommendations are an impressive and well-researched solution to a problem the City Council is avoiding. That inaction is threatening the reputation of our city (and property values). We need a qualified leader at this time.

Well, Diane Quast is qualified and running for City Council with an extensive background in housing and community development. Read that sentence again. Yes, a vote for Diane Quast will help us out of this “three Ps” rut and bring us solutions based on data, rather than drama.

Mary L. Lyons


Grow up

So, the highest paid and most privileged athletes in the world are protesting against the USA by refusing to stand during the national anthem.

This doesn’t show anything but disdain and contempt for the nation that has given them all they have.

It makes me sick.

Would the team on the field take a knee during any part of play during the game? You bet not. That would hurt them directly with a loss.

The protests they are making really helps unite us all, don’t they? Shows real respect for America. Why not burn the flag at halftime?

I believe in free speech and their right to protest anything they want as long as they don’t disrespect me, my country — the USA — and all it stands for, which they have.

If I had my way, NFL would stand for Not For Long, and they would be looking for new jobs unless they start showing some respect.

They slapped every American right in the face. Grow up children.

Bill White