Letters to the Editor

Support Sharples

I would like to take a moment to urge each of you return Mr. Howard Sharples to the Kelso School Board for another term. I know he is a strong director with many experiences and background that make him the clear choice in November.

He has a master’s of education and 25 years of teaching experience in the Kelso School District. He understands the importance of a quality curriculum and intentional teaching and uses that background to proactively guide the district. Howard looks for ways to make learning vital for all students regardless of ability.

Howard believes in Kelso high standards for students and staff. Both of his daughters attended Kelso Schools from kindergarten through high school.

Howard is a team player and a good listener. He solves problems and works for positive solutions.

Please join me in voting to retain Howard Sharples as a Kelso School District board member. He is Kelso!

Jerry D. Hamm


Cap high-capacity

How many innocent people have now died at the hands of nutcases wielding high-capacity automatic weapons? Literally thousands so far, and the end isn’t in sight. Las Vegas is only one more in a long sequence of such shootings. Since we apparently have no way to eliminate the nutcases, the only alternative is to eliminate the high-cap automatic weapons the nutcases use. If the Las Vegas shooter and the plethora of other shooters had been armed with only legal-for-hunting limited capacity hunting rifles or shotguns, most of their victims would still be alive. So just what will it take to remove high-cap automatic weapons from the general public?

Alan Howard



down transfer

We’ve bought into this notion, for the last 40 years, that tax cuts for the rich and spending cuts for government programs will spur exponential growth and “trickle down to the rest of us.” In reality, all we’ve witnessed is the largest transfer of wealth, from the working poor and middle class, in the history of humankind.

What has is wrought? The off-shoring and shuddering of thousands of businesses and factories, and millions of family wage jobs that went along with them, a crumbling infrastructure, and a plummeting standard of living.

Ask Kansans how experiments in supply-side economics has helped their state over the last few years. It is a microcosm of just what Trump’s and the GOP’s budget and tax plan will bring to the rest of the nation. Even the World Bank has admitted that supply side economics has proved an abject failure, worldwide. Name one nation who has chosen to cut government investment, as well as taxes for corporations and the wealthy, and benefited economically, politically, and socially. You can’t. We are fast becoming a Third World country, run by well-heeled and powerful oligarchs. We are heading toward the end of this great American experiment in democracy.

Michael D. Newman


On target

In response to your editorial “Disingenuous” of Sept. 28, I am thankful for the decision of the Washington Department of Ecology. The director and staff have listened to the thousands of voices across this state and issued a decisive blow to the export of coal along the Columbia River. Ecology studied well, and listened well and their decision is in the best interest of our health, welfare, the fish and the waters of the Northwest. Their report is on target and is a fair representation of the negative impacts that coal would bring. It is time for us all to move on and for Millennium to seriously consider giving up further legal action to stem this tide of voices and actions that clearly says no to coal in our region.

Gary Lindstrom