Letters to the Editor

Seeing Jesus

Christians are supposed to be followers of Jesus Christ. White “nationalists,” who hate people of color, especially Jews, call themselves Christians. Some Christians’ businesses won’t serve gays. Other Christians don’t want anything to do with people of color, different religions, the homeless, the poor or immigrants. When Jesus was on Earth, he lived in more than one country, making him an immigrant. When Jesus was a toddler, his parents took him to Egypt to save his life, making him a refugee. Jesus was homeless and poor. Jesus spent most of his time on Earth with prostitutes and tax collectors, who in Jesus’ day were considered lowlifes. Jesus taught Peter in Acts 10:28 that no one he created is unclean. Meaning everyone is equal. John 13:34-35 says to love others. Jesus said help the poor and the sick. Matt 7:1-3, don’t judge others. If you call yourself a Christian, Luke 18:9-14, can the world see Jesus in you?

K.D. Slade


Trickle down

It was so sickening to see the GOP congratulating each other for ripping off the middle class and poor to fatten their already filled wallets with this horror tax bill. Deep Medicare cuts (and cuts to other programs) due to PAYGO are delayed until 2019 because Trump is signing this in 2018. The GOP plan is that the public will not feel the pain from the PAYGO deep budget cuts until after the 2018 election. Trickle down economy has never worked. It crashes our economy.

Plan No. 2 is to gut social programs such as food stamps and Social Security that our veterans, low-income families and the elderly depend on to survive. Many are programs that American workers have paid into all of their working lives. Our current White House is on a mission of destruction with their cash flowing to tax free foreign banks. We all pay for that while the filthy rich laugh and pat each other’s backs.

Sherry Davis


Bad business

A while back, Ray (Van Tongeren) called the people a liar who spoke of coal dust at the railroad station (Nov. 22 Letters to the Editor). My memory is he backed the transfer of the water system from the Cowlitz to the industrial area well. May I say he quoted the water taste was excellent. I can’t even drink it, it is full of excess chlorine. The smell is terrible and the rust and silica. The change has cost me well over $1,000 dollars, in replacement of my utilities that were destroyed by this water. I just want Ray to understand if the coal terminal is allowed, we will have coal piled as high as the Rainier bridge. The transfer back and forth through conveyors from rail cars to coal pile and then back to a ship. The wind through the CVG valley is at times fierce. The dust will be everywhere. That is bad for the river and this whole area. The EPA is gone by Trump’s action so we will have a fight to stop it.

M.L. Colburn Sr.



Regarding the Nov. 28 TDN article “County joins methanol suit”; it makes me sad and angry that our tax money is wasted by government agencies disputing among themselves, and/or private companies having to defend against arbitrary bureaucratic reversals of decisions and laws.

As the owner of an auto and truck towing company operating in King and Snohomish counties and towing for Kirkland, Redmond, Bothell, Woodinville, Briar, Lynnwood, Woodway and Edmonds municipalities, each wanted some jurisdiction over my operation.

This also included several Washington state agencies. Eventually I threw in the towel and sold the operation because I was no longer running my company, it was the government! It is the bureaucratic craving for power that is driving our once wonderful economy into the ground.

Paul M. Shannon