Letters to the Editor

See the light

In the middle of the night, the full moon is usually bright, clear and sharp. Tonight was the exception. The smoke and clouds to diffuse brightness of the moon which made the moon look like a very low-watt light bulb.

Jerry Elliott

Castle Rock

Just a little more

Bernie Madoff’s statement when after years of greed and felonies, was asked how much more he needed. He said just a little more. This is true with the whole top 1 percent of super-rich people. Banking fraud is allowed to continue, the government of the U.S. has dropped all regulations of Wall Street and the banks. The Secretary of the Treasury and all the phony regulators are all appointed from the banks that created the problems in 2008. We get nothing for our savings but the banks, savings and loan, and credit unions interest rates are all for their giant profits and always just a little more. How much more are we going to let the government rob the little people?

Like Ike said in his final speech, beware of the industrial military complex. He did not include Wall Street, the banks and the rest of corporate America. All the presidents from Reagan on except JFK have totally backed the top 1 percent and sold out the country. The tax system for the rich allows them to bypass paying by putting their money in other countries. We were the largest industrial country in the world at one time, and now we import everything from low-paid worker countries. Just a little more, these companies have sold out this country for profit.

M.L. Colburn Sr.


Too soon

I’m surprised to see that you are telling us who to vote for before the forums are held. I prefer to make up my own mind after hearing the candidates speak.

Dorothy Bain Hanson


On a leash

I consider myself a responsible dog owner and it’s time for a leash law. When out and about with my two small dogs, they always have a halter on and are leashed. Quite a few times we had encountered large unleashed dogs at Lake Sacajawea. I have to pick up my smallest dog since she is easily scared of big dogs. They always say, “Oh don’t worry, he would not hurt her,” but I’m sure my little Pekingese looks like a tasty morsel to some dogs we have come across. If they can’t be responsible, then a leash law should be enforced, or maybe they shouldn’t even own a dog.

Vicki A Bateson


Show up

There should be a election rule: An election candidate must show up at forums so voters can hear both candidates’ ideas side by side. When a candidate refuses to show up for a candidate forum, it shows they have something to be worried about with voters, so being quiet works better for them. We have new candidates that will be so much better for our county than what we have now. I hope those new candidates still have forums even when the other candidate refuses to show up. People need to know they have a better choice and the one with the most cash isn’t the best one. We want people that can relate to all of us ... not just the money.

Sherry Davis