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Donald Trump could care less for the "rule of law." Last August he pardoned Joe Arpaio, the racist former Arizona sheriff, awaiting sentencing for defying a federal court order barring him from racially profiling Latinos. Trump undercut the federal courts, threatening our system of checks and balances. Trump believes that he is above the law.

Trump is now packing the courts with far-right ideologues and the Republican Senate is confirming these judges at a rapid pace. There are many vacancies because the Republicans refused to confirm President Obama's nominees. Many Trump nominees are unqualified and do not know basic courtroom procedures. Another Trump sham.

Remember that tyranny does not supplement democracy all at once but little by little. With continued indifference, our republic will collapse with a whimper instead of a bang as Trump satisfies the hate groups and white supremacists who elected the con-man in chief.

Joe Hobson