Letters to the Editor

Re-elect Makinster

The most universal characteristic of public officials who make positive contributions to their communities is listening. Really listening. Listening to understand issues from all sides prior to landing on a position. I have known Chet Makinster for many years as one who brings genuine curiosity to his deliberations of policy issues that affect Longview. His thoughtful commitment to the health of the Greater Longview community and its citizens has been an asset to the city in the past,and I encourage the wise voters of Longview to continue investing in the city’s future by re-electing Chet Makinster to the city council.

Gary Kipp


Show support

Having had the opportunity to listen to Longview School Superintendent, Dr. Dan Zorn, at several recent presentations it is very apparent that this community is fortunate to have an educator with his commitment, energy and passion. Unfortunately, we must recognize that the environment that many of the school population come from is unhelpful to gaining the education that they will need to succeed in life. What they achieve, or fail to achieve, in K-12 will shape them and shape our community irrespective of whether their future after high school includes further education, an apprenticeship or a job. We need to show our support of our schools and educators and can do that by supporting the school bond that will be on the November ballot.

Peter Bennett