Letters to the Editor

Pit bull problem

Soon I will be looking to adopt a dog as my old friends passed away. So I had a look at the Cowlitz Humane Society’s website, and guess what; 14 of the 16 adoptable dogs are pit bull variants.

Now I’m am not a hater, but I don’t want one (or the insurance liability,) and it seems a bit clear to me why the shelter may be having some problems. Apparently, I am not alone and the adoption fees probably aren’t paying any bills.

I implore all the proponents of pit bull-type dogs to open their homes such that there is some room at the shelter. Otherwise, perhaps some regulatory action might be needed to ease the problem.

Mark A. Johnson


Everything you need

Dear Amazon: I would like to submit an application for your second home to come to our two towns. They are Toutle and Silver Lake.

We have one grocery store-deli-gas station, a post office, a church, a great school and volunteer fire department. No traffic lights and very nice people, most of whom were born and raised here. We also have a beautiful lake and lovely weeds, a river that changes her mind every year about which way to go downstream, low taxes and beautiful big new homes that are priced for your living.

Oh, we also have an airport 20 miles away!

What more could you ask for? A two-for-one!

Cathy Smith

Silver Lake


Recent letters indicate that owners of semi-automatic weapons live in a constant state of fear. Who are they afraid of? We live in a democracy, in which government officials are elected by the people, and checks and balances prevent a dictatorship from occurring. Although our current regime is pushing those safety nets to the limit, the system works.

So, who are they afraid of? Hillary Clinton donning combat fatigues, carrying a bazooka? Or perhaps Bernie Sanders in body armor with a laser gun? The “enemies” of gun owners are pacifists, who have no guns and march down streets carrying signs.

Gun enthusiasts insist that they don’t shoot animals with these weapons, so they must only be for shooting people. I envision a future where the streets are full of people in combat gear, carrying their semiautomatic weapons, eyeing each other distrustfully as they pass. This escalating citizen weaponry is proof that, “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.”

Nancy Zahn


Unwavering support

“We are Kelso” because of the unbelievable sense of pride in this community and the unwavering support of our voters for maintaining educational excellence within the Kelso School District. Our daughters started kindergarten at Carrolls Elementary and graduated from Kelso High School with an outstanding education. When your ballot arrives in the mail, please vote “yes” to maintain the high standard of learning that Kelso has always delivered.

Bob Lucas, president

Kelso School Board

Solutions waiting

On Feb. 13, 2018, Kelso School District residents will have an opportunity to help their schools become ready to meet the challenges of today’s world. They will be able to vote for the 2018 Kelso School District Facility Bond and the School Replacement Levy. I was a member of the facility committee that helped develop the framework of the proposed bond. In researching our schools, we found that major renovations were needed in the areas of safety, security, communication, heating, ventilation, traffic patterns and parking. In particular, our elementary schools had many needs.

At first, the problems and costs seemed overwhelming. Then solutions seemed to fall into place. We found it was cheaper to raze some elementary schools and then build new ones. For others, upgrading systems, adding classrooms, and adding more space would do the job. Also with the state being required by law to provide more money to education, there was a unique opportunity to make the cost feasible to our community.

Consequently, as a Kelso graduate, a proud parent of Kelso graduates, a retired Kelso educator,and a long-time Kelso resident, I ask all Kelso voters to vote yes on Feb. 13 for both the bond and the levy. If you have any questions or concerns or want to see how each school would be improved, please go to www.wearekelso.org.

Dot Joslin