Letters to the Editor

Out of Control

Home prices are outrageous here in Longview. We are a poor town, look around you most homeowners don’t have the money to fix their homes. An average person can’t afford to buy the home of their dreams. Banks are foreclosing on homes and they are auctioned off for the investors to buy, flippers are paying cash then fixing them and selling them for an outrageous price. A home bought for $50,000 sold for $150,000; a $95,000 selling for $234,000; $69,000 went for $169,000; and a $135,000 for $234,000. What? People should let those homes sit then maybe the prices will come down so that they who dream about buying a home can have a chance.

Cash is talking now. Not right, who has $95,000 cash? Flippers who are cutting off a normal person out on the chance to purchase a home. A home two years ago sold for $60,000 went for $150,000 today. If selling your home, consider putting a roof on it. FHA won’t let a person buy if there isn’t at least five years left on the roof (this stops FHA buyers). Rent is outrageous also. You can’t take it with you when you pass.

N.E. Haynes


Share the Wealth

The city spent almost $3 million beautifying Tennant Way, and millions downtown and the Civic Circle.

Now they want to add $20 a year to every car license to repair 15th avenue. You can look around and see their priorities are for the rich and business people. Just look at Pershing, Pennsylvania, Pine, Ohio and Oak streets from 30th to 38th between Pacific and Ocean Beach.

These are all a disgrace! It seems the city only cares about the well to do. Our car tabs were capped by vote of the people at $20 a year and now they are over $60, the city wants to raise it to $80 plus, per car. They will, and we will pay without a vote of the people.

It’s like the property tax. We the People set a cap at 1 percent per thousand of property value. Five Democracts and two Republicans in Olympia are trying to bypass and kill the cap. That would give them two raises every time the assessor raised the inflated property value. Housing and rent are out of sight and working class are in deep trouble.

M.L. Colburn Sr.


No Replacement

Watch carefully as Erica Werner and Alan Fram of the Associated Press re-write history with fake news. Note the Friday, July 14, 2017 edition of The Daily News, the Senate health bill story. Right out of the gate they refer to Republican leaders “... seven years of promises to repeal and replace Obamacare”. Were Fram and Werner in a deep sleep while the Republicans were promising to REPEAL Obamacare? Notice, I did not say REPLACE. The Republicans did not promise to replace it because their constituents had no interest in government ownership of the healthcare industry. It was only after they had control of the House, Senate and Presidency did they feel free to promote replacement. Well, the Republicrats duped their constituents again. While pretending to oppose what the Democrats promote (government healthcare) they themselves worked to establish government health care in a different version. Meanwhile the press publishes misleading information about what the Republicans promised, reinforcing a lie in the minds of it’s readers. Smells like duplicity. Just sayin.

Jay Hunter