Letters to the Editor

Once again

Here we are once again, neighbor to neighbor, trying to find common ground on the proposed bond measure to be voted on in November. As in our past letter to the editor, we have wholeheartedly shown support in this most crucial of times to pass this measure.

As with any type of construction: changes, additions, revamping and what have you, there will not be a consensus of 100 percent agreement. But as we look back with all the hard work of community members, leaders of many organizations, etc., we believe that the best results have been attained in what is needed to be done.

Please join us in voting yes for the Toledo School District bond measure on Nov. 7. A yes vote will provide not only our students with modern technology and secure facility upgrades but will also instill pride that we as a community have stepped up to do what is right for all of us. Thank you!

Dave and Char Merzoian


Future needed

Kalama needs a new police station now, as noted in a recent Daily News article construction costs continue to escalate. If we wait we will need new drawings. Building codes change all the time, costs go up, not just for the drawings, but also for the materials, and the labor to build. There is no end in sight to this fact.

The current location is not adequate for processing evidence, conducting investigations, or storing munitions and evidence. Among other deficiencies, there are no private areas for the officers to work. Five desks are crowded into a room approximately the size of an average bedroom. There is no private place to interview witnesses, suspects or victims.

The City of Kalama employs sworn, professional police officers. As such, they deserve a safe, comfortable place to conduct their investigations and contact with the public. Kalama needs to protect its investment in its professional police officers and provide a building to meet the needs of the future.

Please vote yes on Proposition 1, www.KalamaYesOnProp1.com.

Lynn Hughes


Not too late

The City of Longview needs to decide its future. This is the most pivotal election we may ever see. On one side you have the opportunity for pro-growth and economic opportunity. On the other you have the crowd of “We Can Do Better.” I believe we can do better than the “We Can Do Better” crowd.

I have spoken and interacted with countless citizens of Cowlitz County who are desperate for change, for jobs, for our community to be cleaned up and our parks and streets safe to walk at night.

We are a community that needs a boost, hope for the future. If we continue to believe that “We Can Do Better” then many opportunities will pass us by. We cannot afford to be picky, we need economic development today not tomorrow. Eventually “We Can Do Better” becomes “We Were Too Late” and we will look back and wonder what happened. This election, please vote. Vote for our futures and vote because we can do better than “We Can Do Better.” Because right now, it’s not too late for Longview.

William Josh


Pooled resources

I am writing to support the Swimming Pool Bond on the November ballot. When we moved with our family of seven to Woodland, in 1060, we heard of the need of a swimming pool. The man-made lake was not ideal, and far from clean. Because of this, we took summer campers, by bus, to Merwin Lake, just once a week to swim.

Since not all children turn out for sports, a pool is a place that everyone could enjoy. It is now the time to make the long-anticipated pool a reality. Please join me in voting “yes” for the pool.

Maxine M. Rodman