Letters to the Editor

On bended knee

Since this is super important news that everyone is waiting to hear, please be advised that one Howard C. Nagle took a knee this weekend.

Yep, I took a knee ... I didn’t watch one NFL game.

First time in 60 years that I didn’t watch an NFL game on Sunday.

I didn’t see all those poor NFL players take a knee because of all the abuse they suffer especially the ones making the NFL minimum, $615,000 a year. Others like Mr. Bennett make $10 million a year. Obviously you can see why they have a complaint!

I didn’t see the suck-up owners or commissioner whine about Mr. Trump saying the kneelers should be fired.

Darn, I missed it all. Somehow I survived without NFL football. I actually had a very pleasant weekend. I think I’ll continue my knee!

Howard C. Nagle


Community need

I grew up in the Netherlands. Much of it is below sea level, and the majority of kids and adults, including fishermen and soldiers, didn’t know how to swim. The drowning rate was very high. Over the years, swimming pools were built in communities, and now almost every town in the Netherlands has a swimming pool facility.

Today, children are required to learn how to swim while still wearing their clothes and shoes to pass their swimming tests. Our family immigrated to the United States in 1980, and since our arrival in Woodland, I’ve always believed that a swimming pool was a necessity for our community as well. A Woodland YMCA pool facility will help save lives, and at the same time offer kids, individuals, and families of all ages and abilities the opportunity of improving our community’s health and well-being. The Y brings people closer together, encourages good health, and fosters connections through swimming, fitness, sports, fun, and shared interests. We have a shovel-ready project on the north side of Horse Shoe Lake Park besides I-5 and near exit 21. No.v. 7, 2017, is the day we can all join together and make the Woodland Community Swimming Pool YMCA happen within the next few years!”

Benno Dobbe


No methanol for

North Korea

For years now, I have wrestled with the jobs vs. environment dilemma of the proposed methanol plant at the Port of Kalama. I have worried that the company’s refusal to provide me requested information about the ships they intend to use is a bad omen for the future health of the river, but I kept quiet for the sake of the promised jobs.

For me, the scale has finally tipped. Despite decades of denial, China has provided everything its rabid North Korean pet needs to develop nuclear weapons that can be sold to terrorists, or lobbed directly onto the West Coast of the U.S. China can easily rein-in North Korea, but if the U.S. stays focused on survival; China has an easier path to becoming the leading superpower.

I have worked with lots of Chinese mariners, and they are wonderful people. However, the government of China is eating our lunch. Don’t let them have cheap U.S. methanol for dessert.

Capt. Phillip A. Massey (ret.)


End in sight?

Well they are at it again? Our government wants to borrow more money, putting us deeper and deeper in debt. There has to be a limit of how much we can borrow. The interest alone is killing us. It’s about $3 billion a day. When are we going to pay off our debt? If our government is so hard up for money, why do they keep giving it away when it is going to no end?

Kent Disney