Letters to the Editor

Northern neighbors

It must be nice that our rich but stupid neighbors to the north can sit in their lofty perches and dictate what rural communities like ours can and cannot do in the name of climate change. Pay no attention that their tax revenue is derived from some of the biggest CO2 emitters, Boeing and Amazon. The “carbon footprint” of these companies exceeds anything being proposed in our county. There should be a countywide advisory vote on these “controversial projects.” I suspect that there is some local opposition, but the majority of the opposition is coming from outside our county. Kudos to the county commissioners and the Port of Kalama in providing some pushback to the out of control department of ecology.

Chris Fry


Christmas wish

Happily, our town is very blessed that photographer Bill Wagner supplies wonderful pictures for The Daily News, as your editorial pointed out, not too long ago. I have been enjoying his work for seemingly ages, now. He truly has an artistic eye! I wonder — has he ever thought about creating a Longview calendar with his beautiful shots? I, for one, would love to buy a Bill Wagner calendar featuring the scenic wonders of Longview — not only one for my own use, but also several more for friends and relatives who have never been to Longview. It would make a great gift, that would keep on giving the whole year through (not to mention giving me another chance to brag about this town!). And I’m sure I’m not alone in this “Christmas wish.”

Sharon Ashford


Positive news

In light of the cultural acceptance that news these days is mostly negative, I would like to share some positive news.

Each and every one of us has had at least one bad experience with customer service. When we do have a bad experience we are quick to shout it from the rooftop and post all over social media so everyone knows that someone has wronged us. Not many people will acknowledge good customer service because they expect it. That is why I feel it is important to share a bit of news regarding exceptional and outstanding customer service.

A couple of weeks ago, my mother had an unfortunate event happen that led her to be a patient of St. John Medical Center. We have a large family and all who could showed up in the emergency department to await the arrival of the ambulance. While the ED was busy that day, the staff on duty made sure that we all were able to promptly go into the room with my mom, two at a time to make sure she was ok.

She was admitted for a short stay and the wonderful nurses of the fourth floor went out of their way to accommodate our large family and made sure that my mom had everything she needed to make her comfortable. Her stay on the fourth floor was brief, but during the time she was there, she was surrounded by people who showed they really cared how she was feeling both physically and mentally.

St. John Medical Center employs compassionate, loving and caring professionals from all walks of life and communities. From the doctors and nurses, housekeeping, transport and facilities, they all go out of their way to care for the “customers” that come through their doors, sometimes unwillingly. These people have chosen a profession that most of us could not and would not do on a daily basis. I for one am very thankful that these people have chose this line of work and choose to care for us. Hats off to a job well done and thank you for the care and compassion that you provided to my mom and our family.

Katie Bonus


Castle Rock proud

It is great to see how a community can come together to make this Christmas season so special. Take time to visit Castle Rock and see our city after dark. It makes us proud to call Castle Rock our home.

Myron and Mary Nelson

Castle Rock

County resources

Public spending is a controversial topic in this county. Everyone has different opinions on how much the county should spend to repair roads, fund schools and provide public health services. The pot of money is never big enough for all the hands trying to reach in. That is why I’m surprised that Cowlitz County decided to spend money on appealing a recent state board’s ruling against the Kalama methanol refinery. Northwest Innovation Works, the company backing the refinery didn’t even appeal the ruling! Are our county leaders doing the bidding for Northwest Innovation Works? Why are they spending county resources taking an action that the project proponents didn’t even deem necessary? The pot of money is always too small, but it’s even smaller when the county squanders it on useless tasks and projects.

Linda Leonard