Letters to the Editor

NOAA funding

My husband and I are proud of the experience we provide at our hotels in Long Beach and in Seaside, but there’s no denying the truth: visitors don’t come here for the hotels. They come for the beaches, the fishing, the Discovery Trail. They come for the incredible experiences waiting right outside the door.

These natural treasures are the economic bedrock of our tourism-dependent community. Our prosperity is built on carefully managed shorelines, and healthy ocean waters that support abundant marine life.

Long Beach and our neighbors to the north have long since recognized this is too big a job to tackle alone. We rely on teamwork — with funding from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) programs — to steward our critical ocean resources.

The NOAA-funded Coastal Zone Management Program supports locally-led shoreline management planning, which keeps homes and buildings away from erosion-prone or sensitive areas.

Salmon habitat restoration? The tsunami warning system? Beach protections? They all rely heavily on NOAA funding — funding that the Trump Administration and some in Congress are proposing to cut.

As a business owner, mother of small boys, and lifelong Long Beach resident, I’m gravely concerned. The loss of NOAA funding would hurt our economy and put lives at risk.

There is still time to head this off. Representatives Jaime Herrera Beutler and Derek Kilmer, along with Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, have stood up for our coastal communities. I hope our members of Congress continue the fight for the Coastal Zone Management Program, Sea Grant, the Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund and other programs we rely on. I urge them to support the Senate’s proposed NOAA funding levels.

Tiffany Turner

Adrift Hotels, Long Beach

A long list

Things I really, really dislike:

Shopping carts with squeaky wheels.

Rude people.

Seahawks losing.

Most politicians.

Red-light runners.

Golf balls that don’t fly straight.

A wife who thinks she’s always right.

A wife who almost always is right.

Forgetting, — now what was I gonna say?

Getting old.

Daily News commentaries that don’t agree with me

Long lines.

Sad doggie commercials.

Dumb people with fireworks.

Smoke filled skies caused by dumb people with fireworks.

Jim Hill


Support for Trump

It is strange how one thing can remind you of another. Example: on TV, I watch Alaskan sled dog owners come out daily to feed their anxiously awaiting team the “glop” prepared for them. It reminds me of my daily paper putting out their daily “glop” of political nonsense, like the stuff by Dana Milbank of The Washington Post. How would our local hard left have an opinion if it weren’t fed to them daily? It seems to me it’s a slap in the face to all the non-radical left who want this president and his agenda to succeed. That’s why they voted for him.

As these “glop” feeders act as if they speak for everyone, then I will “act” as if I speak for some. I do not believe our duly-elected president is a Jew-hating, racist Nazi. I do believe that he has put the United States back on the world map, that he will drain the swamp and that he will make America great again. And, he will do it a lot faster without the likes of Dana Milbank and E.J. Dionne.

Bob Davidson