Letters to the Editor

Make a difference

As an officer in Cowlitz County Democratic Women, and the Washington State Federation of Democratic Women, I have supported women’s rights and the development of well-qualified women to take their place at the table. Not just the kitchen table or the workplace conference table but the hands of governance. Our sole woman Longview Council member is stepping down this year. We have the opportunity to fill her seat and two others with three inspiring candidates for a gender balance on our council, a surge of can-do energy, with impressive resumes of experience and credentials. I urge you to vote for Dianne Quast, dedicated to community service who comes with a remarkable work background in affordable housing. Please cast your ballot for Megan Richie who has been recognized for her volunteerism in everything from supporting LGBTQ youth to feeding the homeless, a tireless worker on behalf of the entire community. She brings an entrepreneurial work resume as a small business owner who also oversaw her father’s chiropractic business finances. Amber Rosewood is well-deserving of your vote as well. She brings a fresh perspective as a single working mother with experience in the health field, community partnerships, and a willingness to do the work for positive change. Your votes can make the difference.

Paul K. McLain


Reuter for change

Thanks to TDN for publishing their recent articles regarding Kalama’s future tax levy proposals and mayoral candidates. Proposition 1 is a $2.7 million bond levy for the police station. A proposed $64 million school bond levy combined with a future increase in utilities and the formation of a stormwater utility district will result in an approximately $100-a-month increase in taxes and utilities on our home. Mayoral candidate

Rosemary Sippola has a tax and spend philosophy. She has been part of a city government that has not adequately planned for the future. We all support our local police and want the best education for children but not at an unacceptable cost. Mayoral candidate Mike Reuter would lead us in the right direction, provide alternatives for the police station and has a positive vision for the future of Kalama. We support Mike Reuter for mayor of Kalama, our choice for change.

John and Teresa Flynn


Elect Sharples

We are writing to encourage voters to elect Howard Sharples, for Kelso School Board, in the upcoming election.

Kelso is fortunate to have a candidate of his caliber and dedication. He is extremely qualified, living and working in the Kelso community. From being a parent of two Kelso graduates, volunteering in the schools and community, his dedication in the classroom and receiving Teacher of the Year from the Kelso School District.

His commitment goes far beyond the interests of his own children; he cares about the quality of education for all students, and he is an advocated for students, families, teachers, and administrators.

We have had the good fortune to live in the same neighborhood as Howard and his family for over 25 years. We were pleased that Howard joined the School Board earlier this year when there was vacancy on the board and we now welcome the opportunity to support him in the upcoming election.

We encourage all Kelso voters to elect Howard Sharples, for Kelso School Board.

Monte and Rose Roden


Opposites attract

When I consider that the editorials in your paper are for coal and against clean air and water, against collective bargaining and organized labor, against public employees of all ilk, against services for the homeless, I must automatically support the candidates for office who oppose those you support. I believe in taxes to support public services. But I think everyone should pay their share. I am proud to pay my taxes. I shop here in Washington and pay our sales tax rather than shop in Oregon. I pay my property tax and even though I am retired, I pay a healthy income tax. I would not mind an increase in state tax to pay for education or mental health needs. Everyone needs to pay their share. But I’m off my point. I will be voting for those wonderful candidates that you dismiss.

Judy DeVoe


Not welcome

Millennium, we don’t want you here in our city. We the people need to band together and speak up against the plant; don’t rely on others to speak for you. Millennium is justifying building the site with promised jobs. Are they worth the health problems that come along with the coal dust, the pollution of the Columbia River, our wildlife that rely and live along the river, heavier traffic along Industrial Way? We all need to show up at the Cowlitz County Conference Center on Nov. 2 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Let’s show Millennium they are not welcome here. Not now, not ever. Wear red! Let’s pack the place with standing room only. We can make a difference. See you there.

Nadine E. Haynes


Vote for Averett

Doug Averett retired from the Port of Longview after 28 years as part of the administrative staff. After retiring he was appointed to the position he is now running for, port commissioner Position No. 2. The 28 years at the port gave Doug an education I would say very few candidates ever have. Doug is very proud of his years with the port and the records they accomplished for cargo volume. These records were set last year and it looks like the port is on track for a new record this year!

Doug is committed to lowering taxes over a period of years. In the meantime our taxes will provide dollars for needed capital improvements. Doug believes in the port and our community. He truly wants our port to thrive and in doing so our city will thrive as well.

Doug is and has always been a man of integrity. I believe he will serve as port Commissioner with the same integrity he has shown in his personal life. Please join me in casting a vote for Doug Averett port commissioner position No. 2!

Karen Branscom


Support Makinster

We are supporting Chet Makinster for Longview City Council. Chet is a lifelong resident of Cowlitz County who has a strong understanding of our city and a commitment for economic growth and investment in our infrastructure.

Chet has represented the values and importance of manufacturing and family wage jobs. He has been a strong supporter of policy that encourages education, infrastructure, and social equity that benefits all our residents to have opportunity and be successful.

Chet has worked his entire career in the wood products industry, understands the benefits that capital investment and family jobs and has an ability to balance quality of life, economic development, and their importance in providing great public safety, good roads, parks, library services that this community values. His 10 years of knowledge and experience on our cty council is critical at a time when outside influences are attempting to challenge our ability to continue to provide jobs and tax base that makes Longview a great place to live, work, and play.

Vote Chet Makinster for cty council

Jane Gregory


Candidate criteria

City council members who love Longview and are involved — that is my goal as I vote this November. One candidate that I know meets this criteria is Megan Richie. I have heard Megan say she is "in love with our community." She started going to our city council meetings almost as soon as she moved here, and is involved and knowledgeable about almost everything city-related I can throw at her. She has been a voice to the council for our youth and elderly. I already have Megan Richie selected on my ballot. If you have any doubts, contact her! missmeganrichie@gmail.com.

Martha Zimmerman


New project

The Sandbaggers are always looking for projects to help the community and I think I have one for them. I have lived on Louisiana Street for 53 years and have come close to running over those pesky little squirrels several times. The main problem is that the squirrels are grey and the same color as the pavement.

If the Sandbaggers could get together, gather up the squirrels and paint a fluorescent stripe on each squirrel they would be a lot easier to see. If the Sandbaggers need any extra people I could gather up 15-20 great grandkids that live here to help with the project.

Cheryl Judkins Payne