Letters to the Editor

Maintain our schools

I am a teacher in Longview school district who experiences every day the impact of this levy and see its impact on the children I work with.

For this upcoming campaign it seems like it would be better to make signs saying what won’t happen if we don’t vote yes. I think a lot of people just look at the signs and say “Oh, there’s those schools trying to take my money again.” Perhaps if there were a series of signs that said something like, “Can you imagine school with no sports, school with no special ed, school with no janitors? Vote ‘Yes’ so we can maintain our schools,”? I think people would have voted for the bond if they had realized what was at stake and will vote for this if they understand what the few extra dollars to their taxes actually funds. This is not to pad some bigwig’s pocketbook, but to provide the most basic of services for the children who will be future leaders of Longview.

Colleen Yang

Onalaska, Wash.

Doors are open

Letters to the editor about the treatment of animals at our local Humane Society are disheartening to me because people make their viewpoints known without proof or personal experience and on the word of what may be a disgruntled veterinarian.

The writer of the letter titled, “Behind closed doors,” most likely has never been inside the shelter.

I have toured our Humane Society; I have seen what goes on there. Our shelter is a clean and safe environment for unwanted animals. The employees and volunteers are hard working and dedicated.

The Daily News ask, “What now?” Alleged problems may exist! Should the shelter be shut down? Should we send the animals to the Humane Society in Vancouver? Of course not. The shelter in Vancouver does not want our unwanted animals, they have their own problems.

Couldn’t the person who volunteered to transport animals to the shelter in Vancouver volunteer at our shelter instead. Take a bag of dog food to the shelter and check it out for yourself. The doors are open.

Wesley Wheeler



of the press

I recently observed a reporter for a nationally printed newspaper make the statement that freedom of the press is one of the most precious freedoms we enjoy from our Constitution.

I will make the observation that once the press takes sides, it no longer enjoys that freedom. It is now a “locked up press.” It becomes an instrument and advocate for the side it has taken. It loses its objectivity. It assumes everything its side does is right, and the other side is wrong. It validates its position by slanting the news or prints toward supporting its position. Objectivity is gone.

Some TV news and print papers have given their freedoms away when they paint the truth a shade they want it to be.

David Frost


A good day

I like to start each day with a cup o’ joe, the paper (except on Mondays of course) and those smiling faces on TV happily blabbing on about all the tragedies that occurred around the world the past 24 hours. The paper, of course, contains lots of big picture, worldly stuff, but reading this section serves only to provide greater detail on the tragedies just presented by those smiling TV folks. My refuge is local stories. Except by the time I read about local politicos doings, the police blotter, no new job creating projects, salmon on decline, sad endings for puppies, I’m inclined to dump my joe and whip up a pretty stiff Bloody Mary. Local sports and the kids playing provide some sunshine, then stuff on our ‘Hawks, Mariners and Blazers ... well, you know, bleah!. Maybe a double today.

Anyway my last morning ritual is to open my emails thinking there’s relief in reading of my friends woes; misery loves company — but no, what do I get? Positively great news. One friend tells me some folks have volunteered to drive DAV vans and ensure our disabled vets get to the services they need. Another tells me some caring person has donated $500 to the Children’s Museum for their trailer. Wow, there might just be hope after all and bless them folks and their good works.

It’s gonna be a pretty good day after all.

Jim Hill


Show your hand

The new scoping for Northwest Innovations methanol refinery is open. NWIW has left open their ability to add, rewrite, or eliminate entire sections of the previous EIS. These categories are not listed in the scoping and are not available to the public.

NWIW — Put all your cards on the table and see how your project stacks up. Hiding documents/burying exhibits, is childish and not business like.

I’m tired of looking at page 1001 to see what you are hiding, promises that are not in writing, and whether you will abide by permit conditions. I’m tired of documents that are not available to everyone. Become adults, put it all on the table in plain sight!

Whether you support or oppose the other two proposed fossil fuel projects, at least they put all of their eggs in one basket for evaluation.

This refinery requires an investment of millions of dollars. Our investors should be very, very nervous.

So, it continues with this second scoping period. Deception, right from the beginning and lack of respect for our residents.

Chris Turner


Pricing carbon

I applaud Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler for joining other northwest coastal delegates in opposing Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s plan for offshore drilling.

Many constituents in District 3 and around the country want a low-carbon future, without drill rigs and with renewable energy.

Taxing (tobacco) can put a drag on the economy. How about putting a fee on fossil fuels wherever they come out of the ground, and then giving the money back to the American people as a per-capita dividend? Now you have an economic stimulus that boosts GDP and creates jobs.

George Schultz and James Baker (economists) and James Hansen (scientist) have advocated for this. We have 68 members of the House — 34 Democrats and 34 Republicans — on the Climate Solutions Caucus already.

Pricing carbon is a political winner: Almost half of Trump voters and two-thirds of moderate Republicans support a carbon tax.

Jaime, you have the courage and good sense to oppose offshore drilling, please do the same for carbon pollution with a carbon solution. Your constituents have your back.

Martha Williams

Long Beach

Partisan politics

A recent letter asked why there hasn’t been a Hillary uranium, e-mail and dossier probes. There were several Republican uranium investigations, which cleared the Clintons. All of Hillary’s e-mails have been seen by Congress, and they cleared her of any wrongdoing. The dossier is a legal investigation into Trump’s Russian collusion. Congress found the dossier to be true. The recent investigation by the FBI into Clinton Foundation at Trump’s request has already been done many times and cleared the Clintons. Trump and Republicans are bringing back old Hillary issues to distract the public’s focus off of the Russian investigation. The Republican Congress had 15 Benghazi hearings. Each one cleared Hillary and President Obama. Now that four American soldiers have been killed in an ambush in Niger, which the Pentagon said was due to poor intelligence. If the GOP Congress doesn’t have 15 Niger hearings blaming Tillerson and Trump, it will once again show the Republican partisan hypocrisy.

K.D. Slade


Good citizen

Recently, I mailed some cards at the mailbox at the Civic Circle. A big thank you to the woman, named M. James, for being so kind. She found the letters on the ground and delivered them to my home.

Thank you!

Patti Nicholson


Political persuasion

Our local representatives’ behavior in Olympia on Tuesday (Feb. 6) was disgusting and unprofessional.

I know of no other occasion where officials have given up their jobs as representatives to wave signs for the benefit of giant, predatory corporations looking to take advantage of the citizens those officials are supposed to be working for.

Time and time again, the people of Southwest Washington have spoken out clear and loud in their opposition of the massive fossil fuel projects that threaten our environment, as well as the health and future economic success of our communities.

The denial of permits by the Department of Ecology Ecology and the shoreline hearings board was based on the best scientific data available. It was the right decision, and should be maintained and upheld.

Millennium has lied and misled the public since it began this process. It is disturbing that our representatives have used their power to further the agenda of such a company.

Andy Zahn