Letters to the Editor

Just the facts

Editors of the Daily News want us to stick to the facts and form our opinion. Yet they provide just half of the facts. Here are a few facts that the paper omitted:

TDN editors failed to mention the fact that the proposed ammonia plant will come with a 197 foot flare stack. TDN failed to mention the 2.5 million gallons of water the ammonia plant would consume each day.

TDN editors failed to reference the 12-15 marine vessels. There’s a good chance that the ammonia will be exported because the company claims that the number of vessels may decrease over time as they increase the supply to the Pacific Northwest’s agricultural community.

TDN says that the benevolent ammonia company volunteered to complete a more extensive environmental review. However, this does not align with what’s on the city of Longview’s website. City of Longview made the determination that an Environmental Impact Statement, not a lesser review, must be completed.

This is another attempt to make Cowlitz County a sacrifice zone for explosive, dirty projects.

Linda Leonard


Media bias

Jeff Mitchell was right on the mark about TDN being “one sided.” It is not just The Daily News that is biased against President Trump or conservatives, the entire media empire is biased against Republicans, conservatives and the president. I would like to see some articles on the sales of uranium to Russia approved by the secretary of state and other high government officials but it is not going to happen. I will go to Breitbart, VOX, Reuters and others to get a better look at what is happening in this once great country.

Allan Pilger

Long Beach

Thing of the past

Having actually grown up in coal country, I would like to address David Fossati’s questions. He asks where are the piles? In Pennsylvania anthracite (the cleaner coal) there are giant slag piles and tunnels some of which have been burning since I was a child, and I am 70 years old. The fumes are not healthy, and apparently there is no way to douse them. As for the people harmed, has he ever heard of black lung diseases or watched a documentary on the lives of the miners in West Virginia? Apparently he is uninformed or just doesn’t care. My grandfather was delivered home in a burlap sack after being crushed in a mine collapse. Coal is a thing of the past. Clean energy sources are the future of the planet. Greed is the only reason to promote coal as a positive thing. Do your research.

Michelle Navarre


Questions remain

I see in the paper (The Daily News, Nov. 14) that the city council is contemplating an increase of $3.79 per month to our ever increasing utility rates, didn’t we just have a recent increase? Well I guess I know where that bump in my Social Security check will be going next year, and I was so looking forward to that trip to Cancun. Seriously members of the city council and related staff, how about giving we who are struggling to get by on a limited income some answers in the above mentioned newspaper? We need these questions answered.

1. How much money do you estimate will be raised by this increase?

2. What are you going to spend the money on, be specific. What happened to the lift the city was going to put on Oak Street between 30th and 38th last year? Can those of us who live in CVG get a break on the storm water costs since we have no sidewalks and no curbs only open ditches? Can you not cut back on the tax percentage rate since every increase also increases the taxes. How about it council members, some answers please.

Daniel Stanley