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On March 13, a letter writer asserted on this page that. "We have tried the Israeli solution. I didn’t work” The facts do not support this statement. In Broward County, there was one overage deputy who exited the building while the shooting was going on. He was joined by patrol officers and they, apparently, waited for the swat team. The Israeli approach is very different and is illustrated by a photo essay I have. One photograph shows a worker in a daycare carrying a large pistol, another a teacher carrying a small rifle taking her class on an outing and another a middle-aged lady in a business suit, perhaps a school administrator, standing by the school door with a submachine gun. These types of precautions have been sufficient to stop PLO school attacks. Nothing like this happens anywhere in America. The closest we come is that only half of our states have laws that turn our schools into target rich zones with little or no defenses. The other half allow teachers and staff some opportunities to carry guns. According to the Crime Prevention Center there have been no school shootings in those states.

William Dennis