Letters to the Editor

Iran deal

Regarding “Trump’s Decision Shakes Iran Deal,” The Wall Street Journal (Sept. 21): Less than four weeks after the Obama-Iranian deal was implemented in January 2016, the Iranian government announced renewed access to $100 billion in frozen assets according to Feb. 3, 2016, US NEWS and World Report.

After the asset release, the sanctions lifted, and the prospect of billions in European Airbus sales to Iran was announced, Iran tested the resolve of the UN to implement “snapback” by firing ballistic missiles.

On March 29, 2016, Reuters reported that at or around March 9, Iran tested ballistic missiles capable of delivering a nuclear payload in direct defiance to UN resolution 2231 adopted on Oct. 18, 2015.

Resolution 2231 “...calls upon Iran not to undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons, including launches using such ballistic missile technology.”

From the adoption of UN 2231 through the Obama-Iran deal to the testing of ballistic missiles: 142 days. From the nascent Obama-Iran deal until the missile test? A mere 68 days.

Wayne Mayo

Scappoose, Ore.


The editorial in the paper (The Daily News, Sept. 24, 2017) said the county is going to spend $40,000 to get an evaluation of the landfill property. We have an assessor we pay to do that. Why is it necessary to pay to get the evaluation? We the people are being taken to pay for it. I felt like the county was scamming us on their purchasing value.

The assessors had set a value to the company for tax purpose, I feel they, the county cannot be trusted. We should be told what the tax value was before we bought it. Now they want to sell it, the value is or should be what the the assessor set it at. I think we the people got scammed and are about to be again.

M.L. Colburn Sr.


Just do it

All principles are in place to finish this once-in-a-lifetime (Woodland YMCA) project. We need to get together as a community and “JUST DO IT” for our kids, grandkids and ourselves. My kids have grown up and have teenagers of their own since this community started planning for a pool. Many of our older supporters have passed on, so it is time to get this project finished.

Sam Smith


So much disrespect

Donald Trump has taken on the NFL and NBA because he feels they are disrespecting our flag during our national anthem. I will always stand for our national anthem, however thousands of American troops have died to give us the freedom to choose to stand or not. Trump has many more important things he should be doing instead of insulting these athletes. He only thinks of himself and a few of the ultra-rich people he surrounds himself with. However, if anyone disagrees with any of his policies he turns on them and verbally attacks them. This bully is one of the most disrespectful people on this earth. His actions during the presidential campaign is why many hate groups are now more active.

Trump has no respect for our constitution and knows nothing about it. Thank God our forefathers put checks and balances into the system .

Trump has no respect for women. He thinks it’s OK to touch them anywhere he chooses.

Trump has no respect for blacks, Hispanics or many other minority groups.

Trump has no respect for Muslims, Jews or many other religious organizations.

Trump has no respect for the handicapped as he showed on national TV.

Trump has no respect for leaders of many other countries. His insults have gotten us on the brink of a nuclear war with North Korea.

Fire him!

Gary Bennett


No way forward

The coal export terminal is terminally ill. Denied a water permit from Department of Ecology and a sublease from Department of Natural Resources, this makes it clear that there is no path forward for this project. We could put the blinders on and ignore what’s happening around us or we could be honest and not waste any more time on a dead project.

Millennium is signaling that they want to appeal the water permit denial and that they want to continue with the shorelines permit. I’m disappointed because this is a waste of resources. Despite this, I will keep up the opposition until coal export is out of Longview.

Kayrene Beck


Great care

I appreciate the great care I received from all PeaceHealth Department employees for my recent injury. I was referred to various sources to make sure of the diagnosis and left knowing all departments were coordinating with each other.

Thank you very much.

Gwen Boss

Castle Rock