Letters to the Editor

Hyped up

Now I understand the hype.

The methanol plant is controversial to so many people in the area. According to Mark Wilson, Port of Kalama executive director: “We remain committed to our mission of balancing environmental stewardship (1.24 tons of emissions, or 260,000 cars annually) with the economy and jobs (annual payroll of $21 million) and with our quality of life.” It’s these last five words that caused the light to come on in my mind. Near the end of the article stating all the benefits for “our community” is the true reason this methanol project is being forced upon “our community and quality of life.” The estimated $36 million in new taxes yearly. All I hear is “cha-ching,” let’s grow this government, what’s a lot more pollution for only an estimated 192 permanent jobs? Cough, cough ... smell that progress.

Stephen Waitkus



The NFL is disrespecting our flag and our country by taking a knee, sitting and not coming out of the locker for the national anthem. As a combat veteran, this show of disrespect to our country and our veterans is unbecoming as an American. These football players do have the right to protest, that is their First Amendment right, but that show of disrespect to our country and veterans saddens me to the least. They can protest before and after the national anthem but get off your sorry butts and stand for our national anthem.

Gary Marsh, U.S. Army (ret.),

82nd Airborne Division


Public interest

I have friends and family in the Longview area, and so I urge Cowlitz County and the Department of Ecology to reject the Shoreline Substantial Development and Conditional Use Permit for Millennium Bulk Terminals.

Millennium’s own environmental review found that cancer rates, rail congestion, and harm from climate change would increase if the 44 million-ton per year facility is built. This is obviously not in the public interest. There’s too much pollution and too much cancer in the Longview area already.

If we trade clean air and water for coal export, we’re screwed. Especially since coal is a dying industry: China is already experiencing the devastating health effects of coal pollution, and they’re cutting back on coal. Any potential profit from exports won’t last long.

Exporting coal completely fails to protect local, state, or national interests. On the other hand, innovation and clean energy will benefit our entire region in the long term.

My family and I thank you for your thoughtful consideration and for putting our health and our future first.

Liz Davies

Bainbridge Island, Wash.

School behavior

Glenn Gelbrich, Kelso School’s superintendent, deserves a salute for his courageous “challenges” comment regarding preschool-aged kids and the increase of aggressive behavior among young children (The Daily News, Sept. 28, 2017).

Preschool-aged behavior is not going to be fixed by throwing handfuls of McCleary Decision dollars at school funding. The hard question(s) is where are these children getting these behaviors? From what they observe in the home? From what they observe in the media? Without honest answers that confront this trend what is our culture going to be like when these children have children of their own?

... “They want us to be shepherds to these kids,” one teacher says, “but no one wants to talk about the fact that many of them are raised by wolves.” Author J. D. Vance “Hillbilly Elegy”

Monty Gorley

Castle Rock