Letters to the Editor

Help for homeless

You cannot eliminate homelessness, but you can minimize it. We need to help the younger generation that go to school but have to find a different place to stay day in and day out. For this is how homelessness starts. For some of the older folks, the only answer is “jobs.” I would appreciate it if the mayor and the city council would quit shifting blame onto others. They have done nothing to help, but yet are fast to criticize the people that try.

Mark Lengyel


A sad day

It’s a sad day for sportsmen and outdoor lovers to read the egregious decision of the judge in the poaching case where one defendant got two weeks of “community work” and a $500 fine (which is probably the amount of money he received from bear gall bladders) because “it was his first offense.” Wake up, judge: It was the first time he was caught! This judge has now become the best friend of all the low-life poachers based on his despicable decision. All the long hours that the game officials put into this two-state rampage is totally wasted. I hope the other low-life poachers get a judge with common sense for the public good.

Robert Buchman

Castle Rock

AIDS funding

Michael Gerson’s insightful column should be sent to every senator and representative, otherwise the AIDS pandemic will spiral out of control due to funding cuts. (“Don’t let Trump gut AIDS program” by Michael Gerson, The Daily News, Dec. 3, 2017) Add a note with your own thoughts and demand continued funding to bring our so far successful fight to a positive conclusion. Encourage you friends to do the same. After all we can this battle if we take action, or we can do nothing and watch AIDS once again spiral out of control.

Willie Dickerson

Snohomish, Wash.

Fight for democracy

America spends money fighting foreign wars in the name of democracy, trying to create better governments overseas when our own democracy is failing us. FDR created work for the people by having CCC, WPA and PWA. Capitalism and Congress have destroyed most of his programs and controls. We now have big corporations dominating our government along with lobbyists who control Congress by the supply of money. It is time that the average American became concerned about how our representatives are performing. Lobbyists are not voted in, yet they have money and influence to benefit the largest corporations. We need regulations to control the power of corporations and the top 1 percent. Taxation of the wealthy should be on the same scale as the middle class. Limits on campaign spending would also help insure a fair democratic process. We also need universal health care. It would be nice to have the same health care Congress enjoys. Our representatives get to vote on their own health plan and vote to give themselves a raise.

The media should explain what is occurring in our nation from all angles, and I have not seen this. The average American should be more concerned about how our government is run instead of climbing the social ladder. The price of homes and rents are skyrocketing, forcing people out of neighborhoods where they grew up. The landlord has all the power and the average person has no say. Again regulations are helpful.

I am proud to live in America. I had the love of home growing up and the love of home with my wife and children. I feel the family has been hurt by our government and the need for both parents to work in order to make enough money. Who takes care of the children and guides them? Do we give that power to the schools and teachers who are overburdened by large numbers in classrooms? It would be nice if everyone was fortunate to have a safe and secure home, good health care, a loving family and food on the table every day.

Carl W. Mattila