Letters to the Editor


Our newly adopted dog from the Cowlitz County Humane Society escaped out of his new fenced yard within approximately five hours after we got him. I contacted everyone looking for him — animals clinics, both animal shelters, local police, local dog catcher too. I put up colored flyers of our lost dog, and it paid off big time. Oranda Chamberlin (I might have her name misspelled) called the microchip company to let them know he was found, safe and sound. She had our dog with her for approximately nine days. Home Again microchip company called me to give me her information and phone number. I called her, and she brought our dog back to us safe and sound. Unfortunately, while she was backing her car up to bring us our dog, she backed over her son’s dog and it had to be put down.

I just want her to be mentioned somehow for doing the right thing, because my lost doggie was my Christmas present from my husband. Thank you, Oranda!

Bonnie Rastatter


Fatal encounters

Many times while driving here at night over the years, I have observed pedestrians in dark clothes crossing the streets. On dark streets, they are almost invisible to drivers. “Close encounters” can easily become “fatal encounters.” Here’s my recommendation: Nighttime pedestrians — make yourselves visible! The life you save may be your own!

Jim Likowski


Not fooled

Tonight, I received a form email message from U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler attempting to run damage control for her “Aye” vote in support of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The message highlighted Boeing’s announcement that it will invest $300 million in its employees and charities as a result of anticipated tax cuts.

Boeing and other corporations may be pulling the wool over her eyes but not mine. They are on a campaign to make the tax plan appear to be what the GOP says it is— a boon for the middle class. It’s not. Independent analysts reiterate that this tax plan benefits corporations and the wealthy the most. Any spin those two groups put on it is just that.

We shouldn’t have to explain this to our congressional representative. Herrera Beutler has access to research, records, data, experienced colleagues, analysts and experts. Shame on her for regurgitating the GOP line instead of acknowledging how this tax plan will truly impact most Americans.

Melissa Williams


Great job!

Kudos to Kalama Public Works and Cowlitz PUD for exceptional service to their customers on Christmas Day. Streets in Kalama were snowy and ice-covered Christmas morning. The very steep street below our home was the resting place for several incapacitated vehicles. Looking out our window at the snowy scene, we noticed a power pole along the street leaning precariously at a 20-degree angle. We notified the communications center, and soon a PUD crew arrived. Because of the ice on the steep street, they could not drive to the pole. Voila — a Kalama Public Works crew showed up in a dump truck with a snow plow and sander. The driver very skillfully backed down the hill, sanding. The driver then plowed off the snow so the PUD crew could drive up to the pole. For the next several hours we watched from our windows as the PUD crewmen set a new pole and transferred the transformer, wires and other gear over to get customers back in service. Christmas Day 2017 — Great job! Thank you!

Carl McCrary


Trade imbalance

I don’t think rewarding companies with a tax break will work. During the recession, they found they can lay off most employees and work one to death, there’s plenty more out of work to take their place. Why not make using overseas labor illegal, punishable by seizure of assets? Then build factories and stop importing junk.

John Carstensen