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I just read the article about fish in the Puyallup River system being contaminated by human drugs of all kinds. This, of course, affects all our streams and rivers and even the ocean.

Who was the smart person who first told us to flush all unused drugs from the medicine cabinet into the toilet? Didn't they think maybe it would get into the sewers? Why not educate people to empty their unused drugs into an empty bread sack and smash the pills with a hammer, then placed in the garbage. Liquids could be dumped into an empty bread sack with some dirt in it to absorb the drugs, then placed in the garbage. People who can't find any dirt to put in the bag could use some flour or something. (Or leave the liquid in the bottle and toss the whole thing in the garbage.

Why do we have to overthink everything? Why does someone have to tell us how to do everything; don't people think for themselves anymore and think to the end consequences?

I also just read about the seals eating the returning salmon. People are forbidden to shoot them, but can toss firecrackers into the water to scare them. Duh ... Wouldn't that also scare the poor fish? Why not just let a few people do what is necessary to eliminate the seals that are in that area? I am sure it wouldn't wipe out the whole 'endangered' species. How many seals do we need, anyway? If we want to see seals, we go to the coast where they live. If they are coming upriver, they are fair game to be eliminated.

Patricia Stevens