Letters to the Editor


I read in Saturday’s (Oct. 7) Daily News about Tom Merz’s decision to remove himself from the Kalama mayoral race.

It would have been a waste of time on Merz’s part since the majority of upstanding citizens in our community wholeheartedly support our police department and believe they deserve a decent facility that is crucial to our city’s public services.

In my many years of service on the Kalama City Council, I had never seen Merz at a single council meeting. How could someone with such a personal agenda expect to run a city with not a day of public service in any capacity?

Days before the Merz withdrawal, Arne Mortensen’s endorsement was his attempt to further his own agenda. I find it interesting, during Mortensen’s time as a Cowlitz County commissioner has he ever taken the time to visit Kalama, the city he supposedly represents? Apparently Mortensen has been too busy carrying out the Trump’s “Alt Right” agenda of attempting to dismantle our government to fit their own needs.

Dominic Ciancibelli


What’s left?

The shooting in Las Vegas Oct. 1,2017 was such a tragedy so many lives were taken that day and wounded victims by one crazed person. I just wanna know why the left couldn’t wait until we bury the dead and tend to the wounded victims before they start their anti-gun agenda. Can someone please tell me why you don’t see the same outrage from the same lawmakers about the black on black gun crimes in Chicago, More people were killed in the streets of Chicago in 2016 than in Afghanistan alone. The left wants to take all guns and do away with our Second Amendment rights and they will argue that’s not what they wanna do, but it is what they wanna do. The left is removing our history as a nation right before our eyes, Statues are being removed and now children’s books are being removed from classrooms in our schools. It sure looks like 1939 in Germany to me. But you can decide for yourself. God, please save our nation.

Gary Marsh


Longview schools

The bond measure is exceptionally high for people on Social Security and those with low incomes. When one sees the argument of paying less in 2019 than 2017, let’s wait and see if it actually happens. Everything seems to be unconstitutional these days.

Will Seattle go to court to stop paying more taxes? How many years would that take? Maybe something else will come along later to slow things down. By the way, where are the signs that one can check “vote no”?

Mel Brown


Toledo bond

Members of my extended family have attended Toledo schools since 1898. Three generations of my immediate family have graduated from Toledo High School. The quality of education provided by the support of a committed community has assured that each generation achieved more than the previous. Today Toledo’s school buildings are in need of repair and retrofitting, particularly for protection against a major earthquake. Washington is the second most vulnerable state tor earthquakes, and the recent quakes in Mexico demonstrate the devastating damage they can do. California, Oregon and British Columbia have all required upgrades of dangerous school buildings. Washington has not. As a consequence, a bond issue is being presented to Toledo voters in November to fund needed repairs and improvements. Unfortunately, there is opposition to the bond issue with opponents sometimes citing nonsensical facts. For example, one claim is that 43.2 percent of households in the district have income 200 percent below the poverty line. That is mathematically impossible.

It is important Toledo voters continue the support provided by previous generations of patrons and inform themselves of the need for this bond issue by talking to their school board members and the superintendent.

Arland Lyons