Letters to the Editor

Debt dilemma

It’s ironic, now that Republicans have their man in the White House, they’re telling the truth about the importance of raising the debt ceiling. The money from raising the debt ceiling goes toward paying a portion of what we owe other countries we have borrowed from. The money we borrowed went toward veterans, roads, hurricane victims.

Under President Obama, Republican Congress lied. They said passing or raising the debt ceiling wasn’t needed, and President Obama just wanted money to waste. Under President Obama, the Republican Congress almost didn’t raise the debt ceiling one time which caused the world to panic, and America’s credit rating to drop. Republican congressmen, such as Ted Cruz, even shut down the government because they didn’t want to raise the debt ceiling to help the New Jersey hurricane victims.

Without new taxes, America must keep borrowing, and the debt keeps going up. The House, which Republicans have controlled for seven years, controls the money and the debt. Whenever Trump has pledged money, he hasn’t followed through with the money. Hopefully the money Trump pledged Hurricane Harvey victims, they will really receive.

K.D. Slade


PUD fees

Since the PUD collects fees from other companies such as telephone, cable and fiber optic, why don’t they pass the “extra fees” on to the customers?

C.A. Smith

Silver Lake

Cause and effect

I bite my tongue and keep my mouth shut regarding much of the anti President Trump editorials and propaganda, but Dana Milbank’s Sept. 1 editorial “Religious leaders denounce sin of silence” was simply too hypocritical to leave unchallenged. His attempt to turn a possible positive event into an anti-Trump cause and effect was just too much.

President Obama had expanded such division between the races with Al Sharpton as his adviser on racial issues, and that was never denounced by Dana Milbank. I do not know if Sharpton or Jesse Jackson have finally got religion, but whenever I try to use the word ‘Reverend’ before their names, it absolutely sticks in my throat.

Paul M. Shannon



Seven years ago, while walking my leashed 20-pound rat terrier in front of Mint Valley School, a large unleashed German shepherd attacked. It was so quick and vicious that before the owner could get control of his dog, my dog had been seriously wounded. I rushed her to our local veterinary clinic. However, her injuries were so severe that we had to rush her to an emergency hospital in Portland. Among her many injuries, her leg was broken so badly a fixture had to be used. She spent days in the hospital and months at home required special care.

The owner of the German shepherd took responsibility for the thousands of dollars for medical expenses. However, our dog never completely recovered physically or mentally. She is very unfriendly to strange dogs, has arthritis from her injuries, etc.

I feel this could have been prevented if that dog had been leashed and under control.

Darlene Jackson