Letters to the Editor


My problem may be that I only had a high school education back in the 1940s, so I was befuddled by Edwards Phillips' use of "transmogrification" in his previous Letter to the Editor on tax reform.

He had some informative information, but it required me to resort to the dictionary to grasp what he was trying to tell us.

At least I understand his remark on sausage making as, thankfully, he clarified that transmogrification is real, too. It means to change in form or appearance — to transfer in a surprising or grotesque manner.

Now, why didn't he say that for us ordinary folks? Oh, imbroglio means complicated or difficult situation. I should have known that.

Gwen Boss

Castle Rock

Suit up

I was watching the news the other day and they said that a bakery was fined for refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex couple and that the bakery might be sued, too.

If that is true, what is stopping someone from suing a business, such as a restaurant, for discrimination and sometimes it is because they don't like you, or for no reason at all?

Kent Disney


Support levy

I am writing to encourage Winlock School District patrons to support our upcoming school levy. Not only do our schools provide a quality education for our students but they also provide numerous after school activities and programs that are paid for with levy dollars. In our small rural town, it is especially important that we continue to provide these opportunities for our youth. The children of our community deserve our support. Let us continue our proud tradition of levy passage. Please vote "yes."

Barb Prigmore


Moving forward

I read with great interest the court findings regarding the "isolation" rooms in the Longview School district. I feel for both parties; parents with children who do not follow behavior norms and teachers and staff who must try to provide a quality education experience to all. One thing must guide us as we go forward: How do we provide a safe environment for both students and staff? Our teachers are being assaulted by students in our schools and it has not received any attention in this discussion. Teachers and staff are being discouraged from reporting such matters to police or other officials. We must find a way to protect everyone involved and to have classrooms a safe place for learning and and developing the future of our communities.

Patrick Miller


Time's up!

I was sitting in my recliner with my popcorn and wine settled in to watch the Golden Globes. I realized I stopped caring who won or lost. I had no idea I would be brought to tears, felt more motivated and full of resolve than right now. I listened to all the men and women speak out about their belief in equality, sexual, gender, age, wage, equal power, value and diversity and those who fight against harassment, oppression, intimidation and abuse.

Yes, time's up for all the bully boys in our community. We are stronger and more empowered than ever before. Fear is in your court now. We are done with your intimidation of women running for office or those who dare to disagree with you.

I want to encourage everyone, men, and women, young and old, any or no political affiliation to take part in the Women’s March that is happening across the nation again this year. If you can’t walk, bring a chair and join the positive comradery.

Kathleen Wilson