Letters to the Editor

Real capitol

One of the greatest decisions ever made by a U.S. president is to move our embassy to Jerusalem, the real capitol of Israel.

Tim Jones


Read the Bible in ’18

When the Apostle Paul urged Timothy to “give attendance to reading” (1 Timothy 4:13), I believe he had the reading of the word of God uppermost in his mind. If you’ve never read the Bible through from cover to cover, you don’t know what you’re missing! Why not make reading the Bible through in 2018 your main New Year’s resolution?

Here are a few tips to help make sure you accomplish your goal. Rule Number 1 : Don’t fall behind. It’s too hard to catch up! Rules Number 2, 3, 4 and 5: See Rule Number 1! After that, try not to get sidetracked by focusing too deeply on any particular point of study. Underlining words, highlighting verses and making occasional marginal notes are okay, but the purpose of reading God’s word through is simply to familiarize yourself with what he has to say. Finally, here’s a tip for open-minded skeptics who are willing to read the Bible through: Assume the author of every book of the Bible you read is as honest as you are.

Jack Malone


Choice is ours

The Daily News seems barely able to contain its glee that Rep. Jaime Herrera-Beutler has a large lead in a poll against a generic Democrat.

That is if you, for some reason, merge our district with one containing Ellensburg and Wenatchee.

Perhaps voters here are willing to overlook that the Republican administration features an attorney general who constantly is threatening to go after legal marijuana here. Maybe you don’t use pot. I don’t. Even so around $300 billion in annual tax revenues might be missed.

I know in my tax-base-challenged county, our share certainly would be missed. I live next door to a pot farm and will testify they are every bit the good neighbors I expected they would be. And I bet they pay their taxes.

So why would we empower bat— crazy Trump and company when we have a chance to counter them with a Democratic Congress for a few tax reductions scheduled to disappear in a few years (along with a big chunk of our Social Security and Medicare benefits)? The choice is ours.

Richard Beck



This may come as a shock to all you senior citizens who, like me, were planning something special with your 2 percent Social Security raise. Surprise! It appears that the amount that the Medicare rate increase is exactly the same amount as the promised raise. What a coincidence, you don’t suppose those bureaucrats in charge of the Social Security money back in the swamp actually planned to hose us old folks one more time? There is good news however for all the non union employees of the city of Longview and the various county and school executives including the head man at the PUD, they will all be getting nice raises to their already nice salaries and benefits. I guess we know where the utility rate increase is going.

Daniel Stanley