Letters to the Editor

Big things

In a 1950 issue of Women’s Home Journal Magazine there is-a wonderful article on the Longview schools. It states, “in Longview, Washington,the Olympic School is a symbol — a symbol that when a group of parents take matters into their own hands, things happen. Big things.”

“Why, if you had told me four years ago that we’d be begging for an opportunity to increase our own taxes, I’d have laughed at you,” a young married veteran said. “But that’s just what we did. We had to have new schools for our kids.”

The Longview School district superintendent, E.J.McNamara and his assistant Scott Milligan,and the Longview School Board decided to run two bonds, three months apart for the maximum amount ... one at the primary and one at the presidential election in 1948. They were for Olympic and Monticello Junior High School. The strong local PTA parents sprung into action. They received briefings from the superintendent, took the message to civic organizations, made a series of 15 minute radio broadcasts, went door-to-door, and spoke to others on voting lists.

As stated “Next to a loving home, the best guaranty for the security of our children’s future lies in the educational opportunities we make possible for them,” Mrs. Wanamaker said.

Sixty-seven years later, we need to move the students in 15 portables to main buildings and replace the aging Olympic School along with Northlake, Mint Valley, and make major repairs to Broadway.

Like our fore-mothers, I would like for you to have the passion for our kids’ education and safety to join me and vote yes for the Longview School District bond this November.

Cal Fowler


No debate

The debate will now rage on but there really is no debate. This opinion will no doubt be somewhat unpopular but please read on. There is no real reason to own assault style rifles. They don’t make good hunting rifles, the caliber is for most too small and all the arguments for just don’t hold water. They are legal, because I can, self defense, constitution says, our forefathers could not have imagined the types of weapons we have developed. I am a gun owner and have been a hunter for over 50 years but its past time for sanity and logic to take over. Those who say it is just the start if they ban assault style rifles, do you also want to own nukes, or weapons of mass destruction? Assault style rifles need to be banned! There I said it. Gun makers need to stop selling them to gun dealers, gun dealers need to stop selling them to the public and that’s that. They are only sold in the first place to makes lots of money, how much money do you need? The state knows who owns them. The state should buy them back. We need to know that another Las Vegas cannot take place so easily and that if some one is packing an AR they are up to no good except the law. I believe in the right to own guns and use them for legit reasons. Assault rifles should not be on this list. Disagree with the above opinion if you will, but you know there is no logical reason to own one and so does the NRA. Will they accept responsibility for Las Vegas?

Bill White


Israel support

Why should America support Israel?

Because God promised a blessing to the people that do and we need to know the judgment of the countries that don’t, they are under a curse. For the blessing and curse, read Gen 12:1-7. I am thankful our country has supported Israel since May 14, 1948.

Tim Jones