Letters to the Editor

Beyond dreaming

The Woodland Swimming Pool and Recreation District has a placed a bond request on the November ballot. This is your opportunity to make a long held dream come true for our community. The agreement with the YMCA of Columbia Willamette and the Woodland Community Swimming Pool Committee will offer sustainment of the facility and accessibility to everyone. Without this partnership, in order to have a pool we would all have to pay attendance fees high enough to cover maintenance, insurance, wages and taxes to keep it open. A YMCA/Pool will enhance the quality and desirability of our town. It is time to make this a reality. Instead of just dreaming, your yes vote can make decades of donations and work for the pool in Woodland to finally come true.

Lorie Vogel


Quality leaders

One of the best things we can do to make Longview a place that attracts families and new business is to provide an excellent education for our children. That requires high-quality leaders making good decisions.

CJ Nickerson has a doctorate in education and has spent a career focused on teaching and learning. He has demonstrated his high level of expertise and leadership — he has twice been elected by his fellow board members to serve as their president.

There are a lot of challenging issues in education now which require intelligent, thoughtful decision-making. We can be confident CJ has the experience and broad perspective required to make good decisions on our behalf.

Please cast your vote to re-elect CJ Nickerson to the Longview School Board and keep him working for us for another four years.

Marlene Norman


A prosperous future

It was gratifying to see TDN’s endorsement of MaryAlice Wallis for the council position of District 5 in Longview.

The city will be in good hands with MaryAlice, there is no one that works harder and is more dedicated. She has demonstrated this by her campaign, and many other community endeavors over the years. I have worked with her and seen this commitment. Secure the future of Longview by voting for MaryAlice.

Jerry R. Bakken


No to the bond

In regard to the upcoming school bond. I would like to share some reasons on why the schools should not be demolished.

Through all the years I have lived in the Longview area, we have passed bonds that were for M&O (maintenance and operation), which by definition should have been used for maintenance of the buildings, equipment, buses etc. Yet instead the majority of the funds from these bonds went to teacher pay. Seems more like a bait and switch, which should be illegal, yet no one has brought that up. So now our schools are lacking in maintenance and repairs. It’s like your home, if you don’t repair and fix things through the years, you end up with higher costs. Our Longview schools are at the bottom scholastically for scores in math, reading and science according to the 2013 Washington state records.

New schools are not the answer to better grades. Seems to me, our educators have a problem. Why not renovate all the schools and save the taxpayers millions of dollars instead? The lousy mismanagement of bond funds needs to be stopped.

The school district is planning another multimillion dollar bond in February 2018.

Join me and vote “no” on Nov. 7.

David Millard


Big bond

This Longview school levy is a big one. they need it this time, and I will be voting yes for it. The facilities group spent a lot time trying to put this levy together in what the schools need.

Ray Van Tongeren