Letters to the Editor

American pride

I recently took a trip to Great Britain and was impressed by how patient the people are there. Not only were they kind to me everywhere I went but I noticed it on the highway too. I never heard a horn honk. Not even in the busy cities. There was no tailgating or road rage. I almost dreaded coming home because I knew what it is like here. And it happened — not 30 seconds from the airport the horns started and also the rage.

I went for a walk the other day at Lake Sacajawea and it was so beautiful with all the fall colors. I decided to sit at the bench by the bridge near Martins Dock and noticed someone had dropped potatoes and catsup on the beautiful bricks there. It felt like a violation. What makes a person so disrespectful? It made me think of those violating guns. Is it the same thinking? No respect for anything. Canada has a large population of gun owners but very low gun incidents. Also, if you go to Canada, it is pristine. Great Britain was the same. They seem to take such pride in where they live. Maybe if we did the same we wouldn’t be so angry with each other.

Linda Curry


Up to you

The Hill family supports and asks you to join us in supporting Longview City Council candidates, Megan Richie, Dianne Quast and Amber Rosewood.

For Kelso City Council, Mike Karnofski, Gary Archer and Dan Vanelli.

The future of our cities is now in the hands of you the voter. These are candidates who care and well suited to face the challenges and they have my family’s total support

Kathy and Jim Hill and family


Choose wisely

The upcoming Longview City Council races will help shape the future direction of Longview for many years to come as there are three positions up for a vote. We must choose wisely. Public safety, jobs and homeless issues are at the top of the list for our council to make wise decisions. Having lived and worked in Longview most of my life, and as a retired Longview police officer, I’ve seen both the good and bad. I’ve seen the positive effects of good jobs and the negative effects of the lack of jobs. I’ve seen the impacts of homelessness and the way it is managed or mismanaged. We all know the importance of the quality of life and our need for a safe environment. I believe Chet Makinster, Mary Alice Wallis and Steve Moon have what it takes to work hand-in-hand with our first responders to preserve and enhance our neighborhoods and community. Please vote wisely by Nov. 7!

Hal Mahnke


Arab state

In regard to the Oct. 13 Letter to the Editor, “Myths,” yes there are myths and there are facts also. The fact is that in 1937, 1947, 2000, 2001 and 2008, Palestinian Arabs have rejected proposals to establish an Arab state. The main reason for this is that they want all of Israel. Another fact is “Palestine” is not an Arab name, and there has never been a Palestinian Arab state in Israel. Jewish kings and kingdoms reigned in Jerusalem and Judea/Samaria for hundreds of years. Archaeological facts support this, including the “Dead Sea Scrolls.” Then there is Yousef, son of Hamas founder, Sheikh Hassan Yousef, who switched his allegiance to Israel after witnessing the torture of fellow prisoners by their own Arab-Muslim people. He recently shared his story at the U.N. Finally, a recent survey, conducted by the Konrad Adenaur Program for Jewish-Arab Cooperation Center, revealed that most Israeli Arabs prefer living in Israel due to the respectful and humane treatment they receive living under Israeli authority.

Linda Weber Meskew