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Letters to the Editor

Act now

Every person is this area should have concern for the environmental calamity we are facing with Northwest Innovation Works' proposed methanol refinery. We have the right to clean air, water and a good quality of life, not the toxic results from living in the shadows of the world's largest fracked gas to methanol facility. The goal is to reduce global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, not increase emissions. A report from Stockholm Environmental Institute, a international non-profit research organization is reporting 3.7 to 7 million tons of CO2 pollution annually, based on 20 year global warming potential. The impact to the climate is staggering from the emissions to the abuse using our natural resources for methanol refining for plastics or fuel in China. The time to act is now, the scoping process gives everyone a chance to comment on the new environmental impact statement for the refinery in Kalama.

Linda Leonard


Public record

Representative Jim Walsh looks like a hero on your front page (Feb. 28) for voting “no” on public disclosure of legislators' records. Walsh is a Libertarian and author of three books promoting Libertarianism. In his book “Libertarian Nation, The Call for a New Agenda," (page 37) he is in favor of allowing donors to “help themselves” by selling their organs. Laws prohibit organ sales for a reason. I, for one, don’t want to wake up in a dumpster missing a kidney because there is a legal market to sell organs. Since Walsh is in favor of releasing records, I am asking him to release his correspondence to see with whom he is discussing our laws.

Roy Maier


Ballot boxes

After reading the March 1 article on the ballot boxes costing the county so much money, wouldn’t it just make sense to include a postage paid envelope with every ballot so voters could just mail them? Or let the voters incur the cost of a stamp if they want to vote by mail with the option still available to drop the ballot off at the county office in person. The required ballot boxes seem like such an irresponsible waste of taxpayer money. To top it off, it really doesn’t even compute that it could cost the county $5,800 each year to maintain a box in Ryderwood. What a waste of money!

Melissa Bauska


Better uses

Twenty five or so years ago I failed to see the relative benefit of a municipal golf course in Seattle's Discovery Park. Thankfully with a few newspeople and politicians on my side, the idea was nixed. Discovery Park is now a Seattle jewel.

Under no circumstances should a golf course here, or anywhere, be a municipal endeavor. It serves fewer clients than a bowling alley or a restaurant on a rainy day and costs a fortune to maintain.

Want a golf course? Pony up and invest in a golf course. The public tax dollars have better places to go than the minimal use per citizen that a golf course provides, at a very expensive cost.

Mark Johnson



Who's responsible?

How do the PUD commissioners explain the salary of the PUD manager? He is making more in salary than the governor of the state. We get our PUD bill increased to cover not only this ridiculous salary but provide him with a personal vehicle at our expense and pay for his gas and maintenance cost. I see cost increases on all local government. Now the county wants us taxpayers to improve railroad in and out of the port. We are already paying a port tax. Since when is it the taxpayers' responsibility to pay for business improvement?

M.L. Colburn Sr.