Letters to the Editor

Abuse of power

Trump ending the DACA (or Dreamer) program), which allows immigrants who were brought here as children, legal status, was done out of spite, because Trump hates immigrants. President Obama was well within his legal authority to use his executive order on the Dreamers. Just as Reagan and G.H.W. Bush were when they gave amnesty to many more immigrants. Sessions, Trump's attorney general, has proven he hates immigrants as well through his actions,  such as trying to order sanctuary cities to close. When only Congress or the state legislature can change or make laws. Sessions threatening to withhold funds from sanctuary cities is abuse of power. Sessions' job is to enforce existing laws. It's ridiculous to end the Dreamer / DACA law at taxpayer expense just so Trump and the Republican Congress can gain votes, once again putting their party above people and their country. Economists say kicking 800,000 working Dreamers out of America will cause financial collapse.

K.D. Slade


Vagaries of life

In response to the Sept. 27 letter to the editor from Bill White, titled "Grow Up," and also much ado about nothing from others, we need to take a different perspective about these young athletes and their protests. These are very young men with highly developed physical skills, but not yet socially and intellectually mature.

I married at 21 thinking I was mature, then supposedly caught up with my wife (one year younger than me) upon reaching 28, only to discover that at age 50 I still had not caught up. Finally at age 60 I had it all together and was comfortable with myself and my decisions. Now at age 87 I can look back and am not so sure after all! Oh, the vagaries of life.

Paul M. Shannon


Retain Sharples 

I would like to ask the voters in Kelso School District to join me in supporting Howard Sharples for Kelso School Board.

Mr. Sharples' background in education is a great advantage for his placement on KSB. He can and will represent the parents and student of Kelso with integrity and respect as he sits in his board position. As an active parent, now community member, I have had the pleasure of working with Howard. He is a great listener and a team player to help solve any issue that would come before him.

Please help me keep Kelso strong with Howard Sharples on our school board.

Jana Clarke


Here we go again

On Page A14 of the Sunday, Oct. 8, Seattle Times, there is a full-page editorial, with the headline, "Who among Washington's congressional delegation will act to reduce gun violence?"

All representatives gave a three-stage answer except ... guess who?

The only representative who posted a "No response," was Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler.

Wow, this person continues to blow my mind. I hope in November 2018, when Herrera Beutler runs for re-election, the constituents of this district vote for someone other than her.

Dan Flegel


Yes on YMCA

I will vote yes to pass a bond to build a YMCA in Woodland. This will reduce drowning deaths in the rivers and lakes in Southwest Washington. It will provide a place for exercise and community gatherings. It will shorten the trips that parents must now drive to Camas and Longview, for swim team practice. It will be an important part of the Lower Columbia's growth. And the Y has decades of experience running these facilities. Against those benefits, the cost to an average homeowner is not very large.

Kenton Erwin