Letters to the Editor

A strong candidate

It is important that we make informed decisions.

While attending the Mayoral Candidate Forum and the Town Hall Meeting, which specifically addressed the need for a new public safety facility, which we are in favor of, our observations solidified our decisions.

While the two mayoral candidates agree on many issues, we were impressed by Rosemary Siipola’s ability to articulate her position and plans on various issues. We are impressed by Siipola’s education and background and consistent involvement in city government, which is proof of her sincerity and genuine intent to promote healthy growth for the City of Kalama.

We need to invite change and innovation by preparing our facilities to safely house public figures as well make the education of our youngest citizens a top priority. We believe in new buildings and updates to those that line downtown and that are visible to drivers on the freeway.

Our concerns are in line with the same issues that Rosemary Siipola places as her top priorities.

We have confidence in Siipola’s ability to maintain focus and to stand up for what is best for the City of Kalama as we prepare our city for the future and for our children and the ones who come after us.

Aaron and Joy Greenberg


Feeling taxed

The Longview School’s report on the bond information states: School taxes in 2019 are expected to be less than in 2017, even with the bond issue passing. This only happens if the assessed value of your home doesn’t increase. The assessed value on our home for 2018 increased by 15 percent. Based on the increasing prices on home sales this year, I expect another increase for 2019. So much for us paying less in school taxes in 2019. Other homeowners must be seeing the assessed value of their homes going up!

The bottom line is: If the assessed value on your home is $200,000, the bond issue will cost you $222. Per year. The bond issue should pass or fail on its own merit.

Jim Keller


Equal time

As I flipped open the front page section of TDN, a big 1/2-inch headline — GOP senators denounce Trump. So where is the big headline for the DNC and the Clintons pay for a search of Trump? And where is the headline for the DNC and the Clintons being involved with selling the U.S uranium to Russia, and that Muller was the one to hand carry a sample of uranium to Russia, (all documented)? Oh, that’s right. TDN is for the far left, and likes to print the fake news.

Michael P. George


Change coming

We also attended the meeting the city of Kalama put on regarding the new police department location. We live in the county and can’t vote but Kalama is our town too, and we shop there and have friends who own stores there.

The city was very prepared and had solid answers for the questions that audience members put forth. The city provided posters and printed information. They had responsible answers for each and every question posed.

Adam Smee, Chief Herrera, Pete Poulsen and Connie McMasters all were gracious in their attempts to make sure every person in the audience was heard. Even to the point of exasperation.

Sure there will be issues to resolve with having the police station so close to the freeway onramp but the city will overcome those issues.

Let’s accept that with growth comes change.

And using the park for the new station puts the police department closer to the new annexed area on Kalama River Road so that not only will they be closer to town but closer to the newest addition which supports our growth.

The police station is a great deal more important to Kalama than the park. Police station. Park. Police station ... park. It’s not rocket science.

Charles Darwin said: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most ADAPTABLE to change”.

Let’s adapt, move forward and accept this change.

Shanara and Darryl Schmidt


World view

If people outside the U.S. are looking for an answer as to why we often seem so clueless about the world outside our borders, they could start with what the major U.S. television networks offered their viewers in the way of news this date.

It is easy to notice that “Breaking News” and “World News” appeared all day long on the screen, but most networks offered viewers mostly the same domestic events and few or non international news.

To me, among all the seemingly intractable crises Americans face in the world today, none is so serious as the utter unfamiliarity with that world. It makes every specific overseas problem virtually impossible for us to deal with confidently or competently.

Whether motivated by exceptionalism, isolationism, triumphalism or sheer indifference — probably some of each over time — I think we have somehow failed to equip a significant percentage of our citizenry with the basic information necessary to follow international news.

Lam Luu


Good schools

It is the responsibility of our community to provide good schools for our children. That includes great teachers, well planned curriculum, varied opportunities, and a building that provides a comfortable place to learn in. Nelson Mandala said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Victor Hugo said, “He who opens a school door, closes a prison.” Both of these statements resonate with me. Our kids deserve schools that support their opportunity to team. Leaky ceilings, lack of current technology,and heating and cooling issues, among other things, contribute to a poor learning environment. This cannot continue. Good schools are a sign of a strong community, which is something people look for when deciding where to live and where to open their businesses. Good schools help to increase property values and decrease crime.

I have had three children graduate from Toledo with one more to go. I love this town, our teachers, and the people who live here. Our school buildings and our football stadium and track are an embarrassment. At this point, it can no longer matter what disagreements you have with previous administration and/or how money was utilized. The current administration has made a solid plan, done incredible amounts of research, found creative ways to reduce costs, and can be trusted to be good stewards of our money when the new bond passes. I support this bond, and will gladly pay the increased taxes to ensure that future generations of students can learn and play in a school they can be proud of. We need your vote. Say yes to better schools and let our kids know that they matter.

Amber Buck


Disappearing act

Curious. The past weekend, three young men (or old boys) removed all of the political signs from people’s yard on my street. Since I’ve only lived here for about six months, I wasn’t sure if this was legit or theft. Most of the signs were for the school proposition. I would have called 911, but the guys were moving quickly and soon disappeared.


Dave Dishman


Take the time

We have looked at the Kelso School District presentation and reviewed the proposed facility improvements. We fully support the proposals. As a teacher for 37 years, Teri has seen what quality facilities means to a good learning environment. Mike has seen how quality facilities support jobs, economic development and quality of place. Woodland is a great example of great school facilities supporting a great community. We urge you to take the time to go to a presentation or go online to learn more about the proposal.

Mike and Teri Karnofski


Student needs

I am a substitute teacher in the Longview and Kelso schools, and so I work in many different buildings throughout the county. It makes me sad to see some students in old, undersized buildings with outdated technology and security systems while other kids have safe, modern classrooms.

All our students deserve the best learning environment we can provide them. That starts with great teachers and involved parents, of course. But we also want smaller class sizes and safe, secure buildings.

Please help ALL our students get the education they deserve and vote YES for the school bond in your area.

Donna McLain