Letters to the Editor

A great deal?

It seems to me our county commissioners are hellbent on either selling or leasing our landfill.

Weren’t we told by former commissioners Karnofski and Misner the fill would last 50 to 100 years?

That it was a great deal. So how come now its not a great deal now? The landfill is paying for itself and makes a profit. Isn’t providing a income stream for the county a good thing? Even with investment in new systems to keep it meeting state and federal air quality requirements it will continue to generate revenue. Were all the positives we were told at the time of purchase true or not?

And what’s the rush? You commissioners brushed aside your own advisory committees request for more time to study the issue and started asking for bids. Does anyone doubt that selling or leasing means higher costs for ordinary folks, business and industry?

What we need is to stop all discussion on the landfill for one year. There simply is no reason to rush.

Jim Hill

Kelso City Council member

Distracted drivers

On July 23, the State Of Washington started to enforced the cellphone law, which includes eating, smoking cigarettes, reading books, putting on makeup and anything that is distracting drivers when they are driving. I think the best solution to this problems is if a drivers needs to do something while they are driving, pull to the side of the road or a parking lot and finish what they are doing. I have seen so many drivers texting or talking on their cellphones when they are driving, or doing something that is distracting them from driving.

This problem is getting out of hand and other drivers would get into serious accidents if this does not stop. Drivers should pay more attention to the road and less on their cellphones or whatever they are doing that is distracting them from driving. I hope all drivers can pay more attention to the road and less on their cellphones or what they are doing to distract them from driving.

Cody Wells

Centralia, Wash.

Green governor

The world’s largest methanol refinery proposed in my town of Kalama has got me working overtime trying to stop it. It will be Kalama’s number one source of air pollution. For what?

A few non-local jobs? We can build different, cleaner port industries to bring in better jobs. We have a right to breathe the air without getting sick and this refinery will take that away.

What is worse, is that our “Climate Action Governor” gave the green light for this refinery. Governor lnslee needs to realize that fracked gas is not clean. This refinery would consume more gas than all power plants in Washington combined. The existing gas pipeline that could feed the refinery is at capacity. That means, not only will the methanol refinery itself contribute to climate change, it will also rationalize gas pipeline expansions,which in turn,will rationalize more usage and more climate warming pollution.

I ask Gov. lnslee to protect my health, my neighbors and the climate by opposing the world’s largest methanol refinery.

Linda Leonard


What more?

Minneapolis policeman Officer Noor shoots a lady: What is the rest of the story behind the secrecy surrounding this shooting?

Burt Harwood