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The TDN editorial board is endorsing Kimberly Lefebvre for Kelso City Council Position No. 3 and encourages you to vote for her.

We had the opportunity to hear her and opponent Gary Archer’s views on multiple topics including economic growth, the proposed firework ban and low barrier shelters. They shared many of the same views, but a few differences stood out.

Both candidates were in tune with economic growth being a top priority. They support living wage jobs and they support possible tax incentives to help grow new business.

Archer and Lefebvre would like to see the Anchor Point property developed, but Archer said he wouldn’t support development unless tenants were locked down. He said he doesn’t want to see money wasted. Lefebvre thinks the development is a great idea as it could “make the mall boom.” She claims growth is what the city needs.

We asked the candidates their views on the Kelso airport and their responses stood out to members of the editorial board.

Archer is in favor of expanding the airport so it can be utilized by bigger planes, essentially bringing more people to the city. He is in favor of charging take-off and landing fees, and he is in favor of charging higher hangar fees to keep the airport running smoothly.

Lefebvre believes the airport should remain the same. She claims the airport is currently meeting the needs of the people.

The rejection of Councilman Jim Hill’s firework ban quickly became a topic of discussion.

Lefebvre would like to see the law regarding fireworks remain the same. As local charities use the fireworks sales to raise money, she claims it would be too difficult for charities to be successful if the city of Kelso mandated a ban without the rest of the area following suit.

Archer on the other hand, doesn’t like the word “ban,” but would be OK with modifying the current laws. Veterans and pets were his top concerns. Before advocating for change, he would like to get more information on penalties for violations.

Low-barrier shelters struck a chord with both candidates.

Archer is highly against low-barrier shelters moving into town. He claims Love Overwhelming didn’t work for the community because of safety concerns. Archer advocates for more low-income housing and views the Community House on Broadway model as a better solution to the homelessness crisis.

Archer also believes the methadone clinic may not be the best thing for Kelso. He has concerns about local businesses nearby, since there are many vacant buildings in the area.

Lefebvre has similar views regarding low-barrier shelters. She advocates for shelters outside the city limits and also stands behind the Community House model. She outlined the need to help the homeless by providing steps that eventually lead to apprenticeships and “having a life.”

We asked each candidate what their top priorities would be if voted onto the City Council.

Archer strongly supports expanding water and sewer lines. He claims the community would grow as more housing is developed. Archer is in favor of additional taxes or fees to cover the costs – something residents may not be too receptive of.

Lefebvre advocates for more parks so families and friends could come together. She also believes sporting events are important for keeping community spirit alive.

Road maintenance was a top contender for both candidates.

They each would like to see roads throughout the city repaired. Archer listed Cedar Street as an example of a road that needs to be repaired sooner rather than later.

The candidates have similar goals to grow the city of Kelso, but additional taxes are not the answer.

Lefebvre advocates for economic growth while maintaining the “true spirit of Kelso.”

We urge you to vote for Kimberly Lefebvre for Kelso City Council Position No. 3.


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