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October 07, 2012 12:30 am

Oct. 7 Letters to the Editor

Prepayment of real estate taxes

I telephoned the Cowlitz County Treasurer's office and asked if I could prepay or make a deposit on my 2013 real estate tax, as the new 2013 value statements were mailed some time ago. My thinking was that I will have to pay it next year and, if I pay it now or make a deposit on the account, I could deduct those payments if I itemize my deductions on my federal tax return. I was told that I could not pay early. Funny, both the IRS and the PUD allow me to make payments at any time.

The County Commissioners need to pass a resolution that allows any property owner to pay in advance their property taxes, holding those payments against any future billings. This not only allows the county to receive advance payment of needed funds, but allows individuals the right to benefit from tax savings.

Peter L. Moore

Castle Rock

Calling out 'Obama-haters'

Ordinarily I take the letters to the editor contributors of local Obama haters with a grain of salt, but their latest accusations that it is somehow Obama's fault for the murders of Americans in Libya is deplorable. Here's a newsflash, fellas: The ones responsible for the attacks on our consulate are the Islamic extremists and the Libyan stooges who helped them. Pure and simple! Apparently liberals aren't the only ones who blame America first.

The bottom line is the enemy is them, not the president, and not Americans you disagree with. Think about it, what kind of message are we sending to these whackos when we blame our president for their actions? For shame, I say.

I would suggest that instead of using this tragic event for political gains in your obsession to attack Obama's presidency no matter what the consequences, you should remember you are Americans first, and Obama-haters second!

How sad that some people get the two confused.

Ron Nolden


Against legal marijuana

Washington children have a right to grow up drug-free. Legalizing non-medical marijuana use unjustly infringes upon this right. Legalized marijuana will dramatically increase our youth's access to the drug and the long-term harm from its use. Alcohol is the perfect example of how our society has failed miserably to keep legal drugs out of the hands of minors. Only 2 percent of Washington 10th graders who drink buy their alcohol directly from stores. Instead, they get it from friends, older siblings, by asking adults to buy it for them, and from home with or without parental permission. If marijuana is sold like alcohol, kids would get it the same way — no fake ID needed. Marijuana is the number one reason young people enter substance abuse treatment in Washington. Despite restrictions on alcohol and tobacco advertising, our youth are still targeted. The marijuana industry, if legalized, would be no different. The American Academy of Pediatrics and other medical associations, are against marijuana legalization. Protect our children and take a stand against legalization of marijuana.

Dianne Swanson, Coordinator

Castle Rock CARE Coalition

Presidential limitations

First, in response to recent letters blaming presidents for things such as high gas and gold prices, recession, and high food prices: there are enormous limitations to what presidents can do to affect these things. If you want to complain about illegal acts of espionage or warfare, bureaucratic nonsense, weak diplomatic or military responses, or just plain bad policy, now you're talking. Please research your claims of outrage well before you go around making them public.

Second, to the letter writer who wrote recently of Obama's "anti-American minister", it seems you would have preferred that the Obamas walked out on the sermon because the reverend was critical of our country. I watched a "controversial" 2003 sermon by Rev. Jeremiah Wright. He was a bit outlandish, but he used Christian principles of peace and love quite well to condemn violence and oppression in (and by) our country. Remember that it is quintessentially American to exercise freedom of speech and to criticize our country. If you don't believe that is true, perhaps you'd prefer living in North Korea or Iran.

Jeff Petersen

Rose Valley

Obama: 'Most inept presidency'

Four years ago, we saw the problems and heard Obama's promises. In the interim, we have been witnessing the performance of the most inept presidency in our history. If those who still cling to the old Democratic Party of their parents cannot see where the liberal infiltration has carried us as a nation, then we will continue to be carried "forward" into ruin.

The flim-flam man is again beguiling the gullible with promise of free government stuff which we seem willing to trade for our freedoms. Matthew Arnold (1822-1888) stated it well: "This is the true strength of guilty kings, when they corrupt the souls of those they rule." Another timely quote comes from British statesman Edmund Burke (1729-1797): "The people never give up their liberties but (except) under some delusion."

Do we dare continue on this present course for four more years in the hope that something will be different?

Terry McFarling


'The economically obese'

Romney and Co. claim that taking from the poor and giving to the rich will solve all our problems, but I can see how taxing the economically obese would actually help us. It might force some of the rich to start filling their dollar-sign-shaped swimming pools with cheaper, domestic champagne, instead of the high-end French bubbly they normally use. This could be a real shot in the arm for West Coast vinters.

David Leach


Congressional debates needed

Jon Haugen, candidate for Congress from the 3rd Congressional District, has challenged his incumbent opponent, Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, to a series of 10 debates, one in each of the eight counties in the 3rd District, plus two more in Clark because of its population size.

He has suggested several topics they could discuss ... for instance his proposed bill to end the war in Afghanistan in 90 days vs. her advocating "let the Generals decide;" or their disagreement over supporting building a bridge over the Columbia River with, or without, tolls; or supporting a woman's right to make her own health care decisions; or the Paycheck Fairness Act; or the Simpson-Bowles Budget plan which he says would cut the deficit by $4.5 trillion over 10 years while strengthening Medicare and Social Security vs. her vote for the Romney-Ryan budget which he says would end Medicare and does not balance the budget until 2040; or her pledge to Grover Norquist to protect the rich, regardless of the consequences to the rest of us.

The Congresswoman seems reluctant to face her public openly. This would be an opportunity for each of them to discuss their views on important issues in a civil and informative way. I would love to hear such a debate, and hope she will agree to it.

Elizabeth Sheppard


Discouraged voter

Mitt Romney says you should not have to pay income tax on any interest you earn. He says you should not pay tax on any dividends you receive. How much interest and dividends did you get last year?

He says you should not have to pay any taxes on any capital gains; if you sell something for more than you paid for it, no taxes. Apparently, he only feels that those who work for a living, for wages, are supposed to pay the taxes.

U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler voted to lower the tax paid for Social Security. The media calls it a payroll tax, to fool you into believing it was a good thing. So you are getting some money now that you won't see later when you retire because the Social Security fund is going to be broke sooner than it was before this vote.

It's to where I don't vote for anyone, just against the one proven to be the greater idiot.

Phyllis Makinster


Anyone but Biden

Finally, Joe Biden spoke the truth in his speech in Charlotte, when he said the middle class has been buried for four years. A shiver runs up my spine when I think, by some quirk of fate, Joe could become our president.

James Hajek


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