Letters: Handing out an 'attaboy'

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March 28, 2011 12:10 am

March 28 Letters to the Editor

Handing out an "attaboy"

We all like government when it provides an effective service at a reasonable cost. I usually criticize government in this forum, but I thought an attaboy in this economic market is deserved for the Kelso library. Its new location in the Three Rivers Mall is clean, friendly, and welcoming.

The regional reading market has changed with Borders in bankruptcy, the Treasure House closed, and many prolific readers now using electronic media. It is wonderful that an agency in this tight economic situation found a way to better serve Kelso residents. There are many new users who live outside of Kelso who are willing to pay a fee to use the new library.

Not your average government agency.

Bill Hallanger


Commissioners' compensation

The Daily News published a letter to the editor on March 23, titled "Where's our tax break?," which included several statements about Cowlitz PUD Commissioners and their compensation. The statements directed at the PUD in the letter were false. The compensation for PUD commissioners statewide is set by the legislature and codified in state law in RCW 54.12.080. Our board members do not and cannot set their own wages.

We appreciate this opportunity to clear up the matter.

Dave Andrew

Cowlitz PUD

Unhappy endings

In today's paper (Mar. 24) my blood ran cold when I read the article about all those bodies being dumped into vats of lye and left to dissolve.

Was this article about some 1940s gangster story? Was it about some dope gang in Mexico getting rid of their many bodies? Was it about some serial murderer running rampant in the states? Nope, this was being done by morticians in the state of Ohio and at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and also the University of Florida.

I can only assume that the Mayo Clinic and the University of Florida were disposing of bodies donated to science and not students who had failed their finals.

I absolutely cannot begin to imagine going to a funeral home and asking them to liquefy my remains by dropping my remains into a large vat of lye.

Come on folks, this is carrying cost cutting way too far.

Harry Gilpin


Note to Mickey Rooney

Thanks for the many years of good, wholesome entertainment. Sorry to hear of your suffering elder abuse, but I think you're barking up the wrong tree with the people you're pleading with for help. These folks are as guilty as anyone when it comes to elder abuse. When did you last hear of anyone on Social Security receiving a cost of living adjustment or, for that matter, a much-needed and much-deserved raise in benefits? It is a disgrace that in our greatest country on earth, there are those that are forced to choose between staying warm or eating healthy. The bottom line, Mr. Rooney, is they would rather read our obituary than our application for benefits.

You can bet if they were on the same system, there would be a lot more meat on the bone they throw us, shame on them. Anyway, Mickey, thanks again and good luck.

Bob Curren

Castle Rock

Graffiti and vandalism

I would like to comment on two things. First the graffiti and vandalism problem. Anyone caught doing this should absolutely be made to clean it up. If their dirty work has already been cleaned by someone else, have them clean up any other graffiti there is. Have them go apologize face-to-face to their victims.

As for the "under-the-cover-of-darkness punks" who like to break car windows and destroy other peoples' property...if they made their travels in a car — have them break their own car windows. Or, maybe, destroy something they value. How does that feel? And if their parents are in the "not caring mode" also, they can all get together and reimburse the victims.

I think this problem could be possibly solved by educating kids at a young age. I know schools, and teachers, have enough to do, but maybe a volunteer could come and do a talk about the "senseless hurt" this causes.

Dale Combs


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