Letters: A polite and peaceful day

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September 26, 2013 12:30 am

Sept. 26 Letters to the Editor

A polite and peaceful day

I wish to congratulate the residents of Cowlitz County. Together we showed the media, and everyone who doubted, that we could put on a scoping meeting for the Millennium coal export facility with no need for the overblown security, which only served to frighten people away.

We were praised by agency representatives afterward for showing “how democracy works.” We should all be proud. All my interactions with the other side were unfailingly polite and I know of no problems between the two groups.

Have a little faith in us, Sheriff Nelson. After all, we are your constituents, regardless of where we stand on this issue.

Gayle Kiser


Divider in Chief?

A recent letter, calling for Obama’s impeachment, mentions the record levels of division in our country. I agree that polarization has reached intolerable heights. However, let’s not suggest or pretend that Obama deserves all the credit for this dubious achievement.

Since moderate conservatism has very sadly become nearly extinct, we’re left with hyper-conservative activism. Today’s GOP is widely perceived as being anti-labor, anti-gay, anti-immigrant, anti-science, anti-choice, anti-environment and anti-women. Opposition to Obama is overtly reflexive and obstructionist, and criticism of him often goes beyond rational and into the realm of the bizarre. Conservatives have enacted controversial voting laws, crushed unions, crippled Planned Parenthood and demanded cultish oaths and purity tests. Influential conservative commentators summarily disparage the poor as deadbeats and characterize Democrats as communist traitors. There’s nothing unifying in all this.

Obama is decidedly controversial and needn’t be defended from objective criticism where it is deserved, often richly. However, when it comes to dividing the country, it seems manifestly hypocritical for conservatives to bemoan the situation without acknowledging their own role in nurturing it along.

Doug Dwyer


'No, no, no' on war in Syria

Is everyone in Washington, D.C. insane?

No one else in the world wants to involve their country in a war in Syria. Yet it seems everyone in Washington, D.C. says we must. Yes, someone there is not doing right. Are we the policemen of the world?

We went into Iraq. More people are still dying there (including our young men and women) and we are still there. We went into Afghanistan, got the man who planned the attack on us, but then we never left. Innocent people are still getting killed, including our young soldiers.

How many innocent people are going to die when we start attacking Syria? Probably more than have been killed by those fighting now.

Let us stay out and away from another war in yet another country. Let them handle it, or not. Let them die, or not, so our people can come home. Let them alone to solve their own problems.

No, no, no, on any fight by our men in Syria.

Phyllis Makinster


Cutting in the wrong place

It amazes me how ignorant the people of our country are regarding welfare. The Daily News’ poll about food stamp benefit reduction only displays this point more. It is ridiculous that our government spends $59 million a year on social welfare and $92 million a year on corporate welfare and people think it is OK to cut social welfare. The companies that receive tax subsidies (corporate welfare) are all profitable businesses, but Republicans think it is OK to attempt to balance the budget off the backs of the poor and middle class.

It is also ironic that those same Representatives of the U.S. House that voted to cut the program can eat meals costing $200 or more at the expense of taxpayers, yet people still believe the problem is social welfare. Wake up, America, because you are being played as fools by those charged to represent you. Poverty will come knocking on your door sooner or later, then what?

Lenny Fisher


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