Weyerhaeuser Co. on Saturday will auction off 60 acres of forestland in three separate parcels along Headquarters Road in Cowlitz County, a company official said Thursday.

The two largest parcels, totalling about 50 acres, are located about three-quarters of a mile east of Interstate 5. Weyerhaeuser is asking $149,900 for the smaller, 20-acre parcel and $159,900 for the remaining 30 acres.

The third tract is another quarter-mile down Headquarters Road. The company is asking $59,000 for the nine-acre chunk of land.

The parcels have been on the market for a few years. Weyerhaeuser has dropped the asking price about 20 percent over the six months because buyers have shown little interest, said Brad Johnson, spokesman for Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development Co., the company's property-marketing division.

The parcels are no longer profitable as timberlands because they are near developed land and don't generate a high yield of timber, company officials said.

"It's good forest land, but it's not our bread and butter," Johnson said.

Buyers can subdivide the land into parcels as small as two acres to sell to small, private tree farmers, he said.

The three parcels will be sold Saturday at a Portland auction conducted by Realty Marketing Northwest, which sells forest land in the Pacific Northwest.

Federal Way-based Weyerhaeuser, which owns 2.3 million acres of timberland in Washington and Oregon, has been selling small parcels of timber land for development over the last few years. In Cowlitz County, the company put about 6,500 acres on the market last summer at Merrill Lake and Shultz Creek. Although these are large tracts, they're a fraction of the company's Mount St. Helens Tree Farm, which covers about 400,000 acres, mostly in the Toutle, Coweeman, Kalama and Green river watersheds.

Weyerhaeuser is asking $7.9 million for the 5,095-acre Shultz Creek, a historically popular elk hunting land in the county's northeastern corner with access to Spirit Lake Memorial Highway. The asking price was not available Thursday for the 1,410-acre Merrill Lake property north of Cougar.

Weyerhaeuser also is marketing its 400-acre Skyline Ridge Forest Reserve subdivision on Headquarters Road. The reserve has parcels ranging from 5 to 20 acres starting at $69,900, and it's 39 percent sold, according to the company.

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Simon Sez

If Weyco is in the selling mode, this county should get into the buying mode. The landfill needs to be bought and soon.


Buy quick, before the stink arrives!


I wish Weyce would just sell everything and move out.They dont eaven hire Americans they import them from Canada and Germany.Just look around or ask aomeone who works for them I bet there boss is not an American. I take it as a slap in the Americans face that they do this


jesse1 at what point did you regret hitting "submit comment"?


I wouldn't sell Weyco too short. They have done a lot for the area and a lot for many people that lived and worked here. Times have changed and I hope they never decide to bail-out. I don't agree with the dump sale, but I think in general Weyco has been good for us and to us for many years.

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